10 decor ideas for a great living room
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10 decor ideas for a great living room

To succeed in your living room decor when it is small, there are plenty of smart ideas to organize it well. Coffee table, cozy sofa, bright paint, clever storage… Modern, chic or Scandinavian decor, retro or vintage style, there are 1001 ways to decorate a small living room. What to have fun without moderation even in a small space. Decorative Cool zoom for you on 10 decorative ideas for super stylish yet small living rooms.

Written on 09/29/2015

A small living room decoration full of ideas

Small living room does not mean absence of decoration! On the contrary, making your living room a cocoon of intimacy and comfort is essential even in a small area. And by following the few basic rules for fitting out a small living room it is easy to let your imagination run wild. Compact and clever furniture, cozy sofas and armchairs, color schemes that enlarge the space, there are many decorative tips for cramped living rooms. So keep an eye out and find one of these 10 living room decor ideas that suits you!

A small vintage living room that frees up floor space

10 decor ideas for a great living room

Everything is mounted on legs in this vintage mini living room that does not touch the ground !

© Maisons du Monde
To air the reduced space of a small living room, nothing like furniture on thin legs. In this vintage living room, sofa, coffee table, rocking chair, sideboard and even shelves, everything is high, perched on very thin steel legs. A useful decor idea to give an impression of space in a mini living room.

A small bright living room that dares a long sofa

10 decor ideas for a great living room

Airy, this small living room adopts ultra bright colors and even dares a long style sofa chaise longue.

© Larcenette.fr
Lounges love light! This relaxation area in the living room applies the rule of clarity that enlarges the space to the letter. Only colorful frames and cushions enliven the space. This small living room even allows you to opt for a long sofa with chaise longue extension. You can easily imagine a corner sofa in this narrow room with trendy decor.

A cozy little armchair in the living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

A contemporary armchair in a cramped living room, a good decorative idea for furniture.

© La Redoute
In a small living room, the armchair is king. Narrow, cubic and cozy, mixing a wooden structure and a fabric seat, this La Redoute armchair AMPM brings a touch of modernity and comfort to the living room. Compact, it doesn’t take up much room in the room and can be easily combined with other ergonomic furniture. A decorative idea to furnish your little living room without cluttering it up, we adhere.

Smart furniture to furnish a small living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

The furniture of this small living room is infinitely modulated to adapt to living rooms narrow.

© Ikea
In a studio, you have to find practical decor ideas to furnish the living room. Niche shelves hung on the wall that extend to the ceiling for storage, a low armchair and a convertible sofa, a coffee table on casters, as many tricks that make your mini living room a flexible place to relax. living room Ikea

A medium and comfort sofa in the living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

The La Redoute sofa adopts practical ergonomics to furnish a small comfortable lounge area.

© La Redoute
Just because you have a short stay doesn’t mean you should cut corners on comfort! In two or three places, the La Redoute sofa and armchair are available in several sizes to adapt to all surfaces, even small ones. Arranged around one or more geometric and ergonomic coffee table , this comfort sofa gains in lightness and brings modernity to the living room.

Retro decorative atmosphere in a small living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

This small living room looks good in the past with colorful rounded furniture in a retro atmosphere.

© Maisons Du Monde
Giving character to a small living room means adopting a well-defined style. In this case, the living room focuses on a colorful retro atmosphere and trendy geometric patterns. The decorative idea lies here in delicate furnishings with coffee tables, a sofa and even an armchair with enveloping rounded shapes. An ideal layout to make the living room a warm and welcoming room.

Nesting tables in a small modern living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

Nesting tables in a small living room is a smart decor idea saving space at sting!

© Ikea
If you run out of space in your living room, consider cunning with smart furniture. The trundle table, very popular at the moment, can be a good space saving decor idea in a small living room. As a coffee table, it allows you to extend the surface of the table at an instant T and becomes in the blink of an eye a modern compact coffee table.

Zen living room decor idea with linen color

10 decor ideas for a great living room

To give an impression of grandeur in a living room, light linen painting is a good idea .

© Leroy Merlin
Playing with colors in a small living room turns out to be a very useful decor idea to give an impression of grandeur. Light linen, beige, taupe, are some of these shades that brighten up tight spaces. This is the case here with the zen living room decor and nature which sports a taupe beige base and a very trendy and bright light linen color which echoes decorative accessories in soft colors. Luxens Leroy Merlin painting.

Scandinavian decor in a small living room

10 decor ideas for a great living room

Small, fine wooden furniture brings warmth to this small Scandinavian decorative lounge.

© Lapetitefabriquedereves.fr
Design wooden furniture, a warm decor idea for a stylish little living room. In a refined white atmosphere, the Scandinavian furniture brings a very appreciable Nordic spirit. To recreate this atmosphere at home, we opt for several small wooden pieces of furniture which are all arranged around a comfort sofa and we purify the decor as much as possible. Guaranteed effect!

The small living room adopts an industrial decor

10 decor ideas for a great living room

Industrial spirit furniture make up this small living room with clever decoration.

© Alinéa
To arrange a small trendy living room, think of practical furniture and industrial style. The wooden coffee table on wheels can be very useful when it comes to moving it. In addition, it has very practical storage which is essential for organizing a small space. The armchair and the sofa are discreet because they are narrow. It doesn’t take more to give an industrial decor atmosphere to a small cocoon lounge.

10 decor ideas for a great living room

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