10 zen living room decorations with color
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10 zen living room decorations with color

The light colors in the living room is a guaranteed Zen atmosphere and a good remedy for forgetting the stress of work and recharging your batteries very quietly on your sofa. For a living room decor where life will be good, bet without restraint on a decoration that goes to the essentials, without superfluity, on sober colors between white, gray and linen. Take inspiration from our selection of atmospheres to combine paint and colors and paint for the decoration of a Zen living room.
Updated on 01/19/2016

Color ambiance ideas for a Zen living room decor

10 zen living room decorations with color [ 19459003]

Zen atmosphere in the living room in natural and white color gradation

Photo: Home dsgn
Priority to space, light and atmosphere Zen atmosphere for the colors of the living room in shades of gray and white where the wide leather sofa corner introduces conviviality under the sign of relaxation. We love the painting pearl gray paint on the wall of the library which echoes that of the sofa and the wooden top of the industrial style coffee table which forms a unit with the light and warm tones of the parquet floor wood.
10 zen living room decorations with color
Zero fault for the decoration of this living room zen which marries wonderfully cold color and warm colors. Walls, sofa and small armchair white highlight the golden blonde of light oak parquet and paneling on the ceiling, the reds and browns of carpets and floor cushions sublimate the whole.
10 zen living room decorations with color

A white living room decor with immaculate walls, wenge parquet floors, a custom built row covered with a solid oak top , It is a safe bet that the Zen atmosphere is at the rendezvous in this living room!

A Zen atmosphere on the walls of the white living room

10 zen living room decorations with color To vibrate the living room with a Zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation , neutral colors , matt paint, furniture and flooring in natural materials are in order! A fine example with the decoration of this living room with walls covered with white paint matte finish and the sober lines and colors of the furniture that revolve around it. We like the light oak parquet and the light linen wool carpet which visually separate the living room from the dining room, while beige concrete covers the living room floor. We love the big metal effect lampshade in which the different areas of the living room are reflected.

With an atmosphere of gray and linen colors, the living room is relaxing!

10 zen living room decorations with color Gray is undoubtedly the color of living room paint to adopt for an anti-stress decoration. In a gradient from pearl gray to cloud gray, the living room can be wrapped in these shades of light gray in combination with a linen color to create a fresh, natural and zen color atmosphere in the living room. To bring relief to the room, decorative accessories in shades of ivory and off-white and black as in this living room with the ivory enameled earthenware pot or the wicker basket.

Indigo blue and white color for a zen and bright living room

10 zen living room decorations with color Source: desiretoinspire.net
Subtle color harmony for the decoration of a living room for an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and serene. The indigo blue and white of the mural and woodwork respond to the earth and golden colors of the floor and decorative items.

Wood and copper the colors of a vintage living room with quiet airs

10 zen living room decorations with color
Photo Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer
A living room decor that goes to the essential with character furniture, natural colors of golden wood enhanced by the touches of black on the sofa and armchairs. We crack in front of the two large copper pendant lights which, when evening comes, diffuse a light conducive to relaxation and soften the immaculate white of the mural.

Linen, the darling color of a Zen living room atmosphere

10 zen living room decorations with color
Source: homedsgn
To create a warm and Zen color atmosphere in a living room around white paint what could be better than natural colors as for the decoration of this living room where the two rugs of light linen color generously illuminate the room with the complicity of shades of green in discreet but effective touches.
10 zen living room decorations with color In this living room, the linen color covers all the space. The pastel color of the walls and the whitened parquet let the golden tones of the wood filter through and in a bohemian chic style, the old sofa is covered with a very light cotton canvas. The long pile carpet reinforces the cocooning impression and Zen atmosphere with the help of the coffee table and the natural color of the ceramic bowls.

10 zen living room decorations with color

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