10 Zen rooms to sleep well
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10 Zen rooms to sleep well


Sleeping, resting in a Zen room, a dream come true when the decor of the room helps to remove stress. So give priority to soft colors for bedroom painting, such as linen color, with few furniture, wood, comfortable, soft and natural materials for a refined atmosphere. Our zen bedroom decor ideas and photos of color atmospheres more beautiful than each other.


Updated on 04/15 2016


The Zen room we like its soft colors


To create a Zen room and an atmosphere conducive to rest, first and foremost rely on an arrangement of furniture that favors space. The bed is of course the centerpiece of the bedroom decor , it must be comfortable, cozy and its location must favor the comfort of each of the occupants by offering them direct access during the sleep. So banish the bed placed along a wall. As for furniture, limit their number as much as possible for a refined atmosphere.
To create an atmosphere enveloped in softness favoring relaxation, a pastel, neutral and soft color is essential in a Zen room.
A bedroom painting in shades of white, gray, neutral shades associated with a linen color, taupe, natural tones for painting walls, linen beds, cushions and rugs are essential to build a Zen atmosphere in the bedroom.
White parquet or light wood, wooden furniture brings simplicity and contributes to creating an atmosphere bedroom color completely cocooning. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, leather for bed linen, cushions, rugs and decoration accessories, are an excellent choice to complete the decoration of the room.


Zen atmosphere in a white and gray room


10 Zen rooms to sleep well
When simplicity of lines and colors timeless combine in the bedroom it gives a zen atmosphere where it’s good to relax. Here, the decoration of the room in white and gray relies on the subtlety of the materials to create a cozy atmosphere. No furniture, only a small table and a white chair serve as bedside tables and frame a comfortable bed around a white parquet . The off-white cotton bedspread comes to life with a set of cushions in a gradient of white and light gray. A cushion anthracite gray plays the intruders to bring a discreet contrast. The large poster above the bed brings a note of fantasy.


A blue room is zen and relaxing!


10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Source: Cococozy.com.
The decor secret of this blue room ? Bright colors in subtle tones between light blue and a tad lavender, white and pastel gray enhanced by the touches of parma and purple introduced by the armchair. The pastel gray plaid tempers, to better highlight it, the intensity of the bright blue table which gives all its character to the bedroom. The parquet floors and the facades of the wenge-colored wooden bedside tables give the impression of zenitude in this serene room.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well A painted parquet in white like the walls, touches of blue brought with some pieces the linen in a [19459027 ] small bedroom of a seaside house. The wooden furniture is limited to the minimum while bringing a warm note to this minimalist atmosphere.


For the decor of the bedroom, zen rhymes with simplicity


10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Source: Thedesignchaser.com
For the decoration of this Zen room, just a large light oak bed placed in the center of the room and covered with a top of black bed to contrast with the purity of the white of the walls. The light oak shelf under the windows that runs along the wall invites a collection of glass vases for their light effect. A sober decor for a serene atmosphere.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Putting forward the ceiling of this attic room was a priority as its architecture, which offers a natural alcove in the bed, is magnificent. Whilst white also dominates, the touches of linen, the slightly gray parquet and the wooden console reveal the relaxing and zen atmosphere of the bedroom.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Bright parquet floors, white walls and soft green, a happy marriage for a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. It’s in the trend deco recuperated , a stool as a bedside table is repainted in olive green to accommodate a bouquet in spring colors.


Zen, gray paint in the bedroom


10 Zen rooms to sleep well
If there is a color combination that works wonderfully to create a relaxing atmosphere for the decoration of a Zen room, it is that of gray and taupe. A great example with this bedroom photo where the painting of the walls is displayed in a superb pearl gray, a color used for the laminate floor which seems to envelop the bedroom in a wadded atmosphere. Again, the presence of furniture is reduced to the essentials to ensure real comfort in the room without overloading it. In this soft atmosphere, the taupe and chocolate of the bed linen and the golden blonde of the small furniture reinforce the impression of serenity.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well The softness of a mouse gray paint and a light oak parquet are the two main elements to decorate this adult room where despite the absence of furniture the atmosphere is made warm.


Linen and taupe color for a naturally Zen bedroom


10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Source: Vosgesparis.blogspot.nl
Here, the bedroom of a loft where the bias of colors and natural materials is the common thread. Parquet, floor cushions, sheets and throws from taupe color and linen blend with the nuanced white of the walls. By staying in the same range of tones, the touches of chocolate bring a very warm contrast to this room bathed in sweetness.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well
Source: Houseandhome.com
A minimalist bedroom decor in which the raw appearance of the facing stone wall and the warmth of the wooden furniture are mixed. The box spring at ground level is in the pure spirit of a Japanese bedroom, a large piece of rosewood forms the headboard and the pristine white duvet generously returns the richness of the materials that surround it.
10 Zen rooms to sleep well Source Home Adore.com
A sober, elegant and Zen decor in this country house-like room with its walls exposed to reveal the stones and bricks of building a soft blond sand tone. The varnished concrete floor offers an interesting light effect alongside raw materials which tend to absorb light. An XXL bed, little furniture, natural materials, a warm atmosphere, an ideal cocktail in the room to rest and sleep well.


10 Zen rooms to sleep well

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