12 ideas for a cocooning room
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12 ideas for a cocooning room


To forget the cold weather of winter, bet on a cocooning room very soft! A room with zen and warm colors, fake furs, cozy blankets, in short we put on maximum comfort around the bed to face the harshness on cold days. Déco Cool has gleaned 12 ideas of cozy and serene bedrooms that make you want to curl up warm.


Written on 02/10/2015 updated on 23/04/2016


Comfort and warmth in a cocooning room


When the weather is rough outside, we are happy to find the comfort and warmth of a peaceful and cocooning room! Often approaching the style of the Scandinavian decor with wood and light shades, a soft pastel color , the cocooning decor puts everything on soft and cozy objects. Faux fur available in blankets or rugs, fluffy plaids, enveloping quilts, candles and large cushions are all essential elements for a successful bedroom decor . Illustration with 12 rooms full of ideas where calm reigns that are sure to make you fall in love.


A cocoon room synonymous with softness


12 ideas for a cocooning room

A cotton bubble would not be as soft and delicate as this white cocoon room.


© Maisons du Monde
The softness of this cocooning room makes you want. Its refined and soft decoration is accompanied by fluffy decorative objects such as the mole plaid or the white blanket that dresses the foot of the bed. Accompanied by soft cushions and a discreet light garland , this room has everything you need to help you get through winter in a warm and soft bubble.


Modern decor in a cocooning room


12 ideas for a cocooning room

Modern with a trendy slate gray wall, this room has a cocooning decor on the bed.


© Pinterest
A modern decor combined with a peaceful atmosphere it works. In this room, the gray slate wall , the large white frame and the light fittings go well with the rest of the softer and warm decor. The seagrass carpet on the floor warms the room and enhances the comfort bed. Some fake furs at the foot of the bed and here is this room decked out against the cold!


A cozy bedroom with soft colored bed linen


12 ideas for a cocooning room

Pastel colors on the bed linen, perfect for a cozy nest room.


© Urban Outfiter
If white and natural colors like linen, taupe and beige are the most used in a cocoon room, we can also use pastel colors. A pallet headboard where the wood is sanded white, light blue and a pink color in a pale tone on a patterned bed linen for example, it brings the softness of the room and that brightens up the room decor a bit. So we dare the color in the cocooning room on condition that it is like the atmosphere, sweet at will!


Softness and pleasure in the cocoon of a guest room


12 ideas for a cocooning room

In this room the bed is discreet against the wall but makes you want to rest all winter.


© Ikea
In this room, the cozy bed does not sit in the center of the room. Glued against the wall he does not forget to give the room unparalleled comfort. A fluffy duvet, a seagrass carpet, a faux animal skin to keep your feet warm at sunrise, cocooning accessories are multiplied to make this room a real haven of relaxation and serenity.


A serene cocoon room with a warm atmosphere


12 ideas for a cocooning room

As in a country house, this room uses fur and wood to warm itself.


© Fly
The fur extends from the bed to the floor in this comfortably decorated room! Warm and furnished with sober wooden furniture, this room is synonymous with comfort with its large fur blanket. Bright, it is perfect for bubbling a whole weekend at the bottom of the duvet alone or in pairs.


Powder pink to decorate and soften a room


12 ideas for a cocooning room

Powder pink in the cocooning room is delicate and it makes the atmosphere more tender.


© Leroy Merlin
Like the beige color , linen, taupe or even white, the powder pink is also part of the decor of a coconning room. Very pale, this shade has the advantage of softening all the pieces it dresses and giving it a velvety effect. In a bedroom for adults and children, this feminine color can therefore be easily combined with a cocoon decoration in fur and feather.


A fluffy bedroom in a natural setting


12 ideas for a cocooning room

A cocoon in a room can also be nature as shown in this adult room.


© Maisons du Monde
In this natural decor room, the cocooning spirit is not neglected. On the contrary, it is expressed in the warmth of decorative accessories, namely the fluffy pile carpet, the faux fur blanket and even the cushion. Wood itself being a warm material very present in this room, it does not take more to make this room a true haven of peace and cozy intimacy.


Mountain chalet atmosphere in a cocooning room


12 ideas for a cocooning room

This soft bed calls for relaxation and comfort with these elements in faux fur.


© Ifilhome
In this room with its cocooning decor, it’s almost like being in a chalet in the mountains! The wooden planks on the floor and the paneling on the wall give this chalet effect while the blankets and other fur rugs are responsible for giving an even more comfortable appearance to the white bed. The cushions also bring their soft side to spend warm winter nights in the arms of Morpheus.


A cozy cocoon bedroom with candles


12 ideas for a cocooning room

In this room the cocooning combines perfectly with a modern decor.


© Daily dream decor
Nothing is warmer than candles for a peaceful bedroom. In this small space which highlights a very cozy low bed, the candles bring a Zen note made of warmth and softness. Symbol of relaxation and Zen spirit, this decor of black and white bedroom plays the card of chic cocooning.


A total cocooning white look bedroom


12 ideas for a cocooning room

A total white look in the cocooning room, it gives the impression of being on a cloud.


© La Redoute
Do you dream of falling asleep on a soft cloud like a piece of cotton? This room in total white look is made for you! Almost immaculate, it is light and airy for a divine cocoon spirit. The bed with its large padded quilt and its soft cushions accentuate the refined decoration of this very soft room.


A cocooning decor with soft plaids


12 ideas for a cocooning room

Multiplying the blankets on the bed to make a very soft cocoon, that’s great!


© Ikea
Different materials and colors, the plaid at the coast in a cocooning room that respects itself. It sits on the bed to provide a little more warmth to withstand the harsh temperatures of fall and winter. On the floor, we opt for a carpet and if you already have one, you just need to add two small synthetic animal skins to make the space more enveloping than ever.


Coarse knit wool for the cocooning room


12 ideas for a cocooning room

A large knitted woolen plaid is a perfect decor idea for the cocoon bedroom.


© HannahShantVerk
Good decor idea for a warm and cocooning bedroom as you wish: the large knit woolen plaid. Beyond the very trendy decor aspect, this bedroom accessory warms up and immediately makes you want to hide under the duvet when it is cold outside. On the bed, on a fireside chair or in an armchair in the bedroom, this woolen blanket promises to warm up all your winter evenings.


12 ideas for a cocooning room

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