5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover
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5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

Want to give your kitchen a little makeover without breaking the bank? Follow the guide ! Painting, splashback in adhesive tiling, repainting the work plan, new lighting and small decorative appliances, these are some suggestions to help you change the decoration of your kitchen in no time. Cool decoration zoom on 5 ideas of kitchen makeover accessible to all!

Written on 01/10/2015 updated on 19/03/16

A express and inexpensive kitchen makeover

Too rustic? Too old-fashioned? Give your kitchen a quick makeover with a few simple and inexpensive decor ideas. A light touch of paint and partial changes are sometimes enough to give your kitchen a new face. New lighting, a more modern work surface, an original splashback in adhesive tiles easy to install, all these elements can make the difference when it comes to changing the decoration of the at a lower cost. the kitchen . Here are 5 examples of makeover ideas to modernize your kitchen!

Adhesive tiles for the kitchen splashback

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

A splashback for adhesive tiles is useful for changing the face of his kitchen.

© LeroyMerlin
A kitchen splashback with adhesive tiling is perfect for restyling your kitchen at a low price. Not requiring any special preparation before laying except for degreasing, it adheres easily to the old support and changes the decor of the kitchen in 2 steps 3 movements. Inexpensive, this wall covering is available in several styles from the modern gray and black mosaic effect to a metro style tile, there is something for everyone! Adhesive mosaic Ice nova, black, 2.5 × 2.5 cm. price: 13.95 euros at Leroy Merlin

A new polished concrete worktop

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

Go from a rustic has-been kitchen to a trendy kitchen it’s as simple as changing a worktop.

© Castorama
Painting your work plan or changing it helps to transform the decor of an entire kitchen. In a modern waxed concrete style, it revamps kitchens with too rustic decor. And for those who like more authentic softness, your old worktop can also be swapped for an easy-to-install wooden worktop. Concrete laminate worktop 305 x 62 cm. Material: Chipboard (PPA). Dimensions (cm): L. 307 x l. 65. Thickness (cm): 3.8. Castorama

A blackboard paint on the kitchen door

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

Trend in the kitchen, blackboard paint is applied on the doors.

© Catherine
Very trendy, the blackboard painting dresses the kitchen doors and furniture for a top makeover! Repainting kitchen furniture has already proven itself in terms of decoration. Today it’s the blackboard paint that favors the kitchen. To leave little words, for the shopping list, this playful paint is a good way to give a new look to your outdated kitchen.

Redesigned lighting for a modernized kitchen

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

To give a new sparkle to the kitchen, opt for new lighting.

© Lapeyre
Light sublimates the space of your kitchen so remember to change the lighting. More modern, LED spots or bulbs are discreetly placed under kitchen furniture or shelves to emphasize the worktop. They are sold in strips or independently of each other to adapt to your needs. Kit of 3 halogen sconces 20 W. Aluminum finish at Lapeyre.

Utensils and appliances accompany the kitchen makeover

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

We take care of the makeover of the kitchen down to the smallest details with new decorative accessories.

© SoVintageSoGirly
What would a kitchen makeover be without decorative accessories? Indispensable elements for a successful change of decor in your kitchen, small colored appliances, utensils, decorative objects change over the trends. Vintage, contemporary or stainless steel design, the choice is yours. They then decorate an overdated decor and give a new dimension to all the surrounding decor for a kitchen that takes care of its appearance down to the smallest details.

5 easy ideas for a successful kitchen makeover

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