7 tips for choosing a tile paint
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7 tips for choosing a tile paint


The tile painting you are thinking about revisiting your kitchen and bathroom decor, in particular to repaint old-fashioned earthenware, the credenza and the worktop. However, you are a bit lost in front of the special tile paint department. To carry out your makeover without error with the right paint, our 6 tips for choosing and using a paint on bathroom or kitchen tiles.
Updated on 06/14/2016


Tile painting: choosing the right product


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

painting tiles on the kitchen splashback is magic! Photo Julien


The beautiful tiles you liked yesterday are out of fashion, the joints are crumbled or blackened, the tiles cracked or simply the color of the tiles has become hasbeene. But do not panic ! Before you consider breaking your old tile in the kitchen or bathroom, take a closer look at the tile painting ! Indeed, using a special paint to repaint the tiles solves all aesthetic problems by transforming wall tiles, that of the splashback and even the floor tiles and that in a few hours into a decorative support.


5 questions you are wondering about tile painting:


1 – Tile paint to repaint what type of tiles?


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

Kitchen tiles repainted with paint without undercoat. Color associated with the paint color of the walls to redo your kitchen in a jiffy and for cheap. Julien tile painting

 The paint for the tiles is applied to wall tiles and floor tiles. Sandstone or earthenware tiles, cement tiles floor and wall, today tile painting covers all these supports. Most of these paints can be applied directly in one or two coats depending on the brand.
Other solutions exist for painting tiles without going through a special paint. This is the case with waxed concrete, decorative plaster and common acrylic paint, which are perfectly suitable provided that they are applied after a underlayment for special tiling paint .

2 – To paint a tiled worktop, do you need a special paint?


Yes, it is essential to use a special tile paint for painting a worktop . This paint must be compatible with a food surface. Most tile paints do not offer this, so it is imperative that you check the specifications on the paint bucket before you start. Certain components of conventional paints for tiling become harmful in contact with food. Why ? A worktop is used by knives, utensils which, even minute, create small scratches on the surface of the worktop and “open” the coating and therefore its components. Syntilor, Masqu’Carrelage et Résinence are suitable for this type of support. You will also find ecological paints which are suitable for food surfaces, including horizontal surfaces (therefore work surfaces) and tiled surfaces.


3 – Are there several qualities of tiling paint? 


Yes, the paint used to paint tiles on the walls or on the floor determines the quality of the final result. Other important elements, the care taken in the preparation of the tiling before applying the paint and that of the painting material used.
Regarding painting, there is no skimping on its quality, the opposite would inevitably lead to a catastrophic result.
It’s true, tiling paint is expensive, but you should know that in this special paint are integrated components that allow you to make a paint by direct application on the tiling. Other components give the paint qualities of impact resistance and household products that are not found in cheaper paints. The same applies to the quality of the special tile paint undercoat if this is the option chosen for repainting the tile with acrylic paint, waxed concrete or a decorative coating.


6 must-have paint brands for painting carefree tiling:
Julien tile painting, V33 and Syntilor. Two other brands can also be purchased with confidence. They are distinguished from the first 3 in terms of their specificities: Maison Décorative offers a coating Masqu’Carrelage which allows painting while removing the joints from the tiles. Résinence, as its name implies, is a paint based on epoxy resin, a component which provides great resistance after repainting wall tiles, worktops or a tiled floor. The resin, however, requires slightly more precise application than the others.


4 – What undercoat paint for tiling?


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

Paint tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, and hide the joints with Masqu’Carrelage de Maison Décorative at Leroy Merlin


To choose a quality undercoat, our preferences go to the undercoat paint for J7 tiles by Julien , which is also applied to paint on glass, or laminate.
With the paint undercoat applied, it is then possible to paint your tiles with any coating. If you apply a decorative plaster or a non-special acrylic paint for tiles, it is imperative to waterproof it with a matt varnish or colorless satin so as not to alter the color of paint or coating.


5 – What colors exist for tiling paint?


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

Free to choose your tiling paint color with the color charts Julien, V33 and Résinence!


The color schemes for tiling paints offer approximately a dozen colors ranging from the lightest to the most intense, which it is easy to associate with the color of kitchen furniture and that of mural painting.
The paint range Kitchen renovation or bathroom V33 also offers a color chart floor tile paint a color palette in harmony with the rest of the supports repainted in the room. These paintings are in satin finish.
Résinence offers a color chart of 26 colors including metallic shades in its Résinence Color range. Classic acrylic paints give you the freedom to choose colors, which can be a good solution if you are looking for a specific color for repainting tiles. The color chart of decorative coatings for tiling decline for the most part from light to medium tones.


6 – What equipment to properly repaint the tiling?


The material for painting tiling is limited to little: The essential brush to re-fill to paint corners and small tiled surfaces. Flat surfaces are painted with a roller, the type of which is specified on the paint label. Again, do not skimp on the quality of the roller or the brush to re-fill. For a few euros more, you will have flawless equipment.


7 – What price for a tile painting?


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

The paint tiling brands:
from left to right
at the top: Rénov’Cuisine Syntilor for tiling, furniture and work surfaces.
GripActiv ’V33 multi-support paint and wall tiles
Julien tile paint for painting ceramic, porcelain stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, glass.
Renovation Earthenware V33 direct on tiling. In the same renovation range, paint for furniture, tiled floors and appliances.
Résinence Color, odorless epoxy resin
Masque’Carrelage Maison Déco coated to paint tiles and hide joints


We explained to you why, the price of tile paint is higher than simple acrylic paint.
Count 39.90 € per liter for the painting Caropeint by Julien and Rénov’Cuisine by Syntilor,
59.90 € the 2 liters for Renovation Earthenware V33,
49.90 € for 10 kg of MasqueCarrelage from Maison Décorative.
For a special high-resistance paint underlay for tiling, count 27.90 € per liter for Julien’s J7 undercoat.


7 tips for choosing a tile paint

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