A room with brick walls
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A room with brick walls

A room with brick walls

Brick room

Very chic decor for this room, where wood, brick and leather are found in a bright atmosphere.

The floor and the walls

The floor is covered with fine carpet in shades of linen, on which was arranged a large carpet with floral motifs. The walls were guarded with bricks. The ceiling is painted white with pretty cornices and recessed spots.

Furniture and accessories

The canopy bed is the main element of the room. It is imposing with its four large polished wood columns and black leather, which gives it a chic appearance. A wooden dresser of the same style was chosen to serve as a bedside table. Higher, it intensifies the imposing side of the furniture. Thus, it is the furniture that is put forward.
In order to illuminate the room and soften the atmosphere, the bed linen and curtains were chosen in shades of yellow, with floral motifs.

A room with brick walls

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