Bathrooms all in white
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Bathrooms all in white

Bathrooms all in white Functional place but also relaxing, the bathroom is dressed in white, all lightness. Clean, soft, quiet and in a cloud, the bathroom is bright and soothing, devoid of any flourish.

Decorating your bathroom is not always easy. Which colors to choose? What materials? What atmosphere? For those who still hesitate and want to make their bathroom a soothing and regenerating space, white is the ideal solution. Sleek, enhanced with a touch of black or wood, the bathroom is Zen and beautiful for moments of fullness and tranquility, a little head in the clouds and comfortable as in cotton. White brings brightness and a feeling of space and the decor will be brought by the texture. White mosaic tile, textured plaster, light wood, earthenware, so many possibilities available to you. The white will not be impersonal but on the contrary powerful where the light will be reflected in the brilliance of enamel or faience. It will bring lightness and purity of the atmosphere. Some ideas :

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