Bathrooms in oriental style purified version
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Bathrooms in oriental style purified version

Bathrooms in oriental style purified version When one thinks of oriental decoration, one often thinks grounds in abundance, and bright colors. But the oriental style can also be very simple and uncluttered to create a soft and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom.

A mixture of inspirations from Morocco with tadelakts on the walls and zenitude borrowed from Asia. Few furniture, homogeneous walls coated where furniture, basins and bathtubs seem to be integrated into the walls. For this refined oriental style, space is essential. There should be storage space to leave nothing lying around, preferably closed to lighten the visual space. The materials used are obviously natural, with stone, wood or metal. Natural light will be a plus while electric lighting will be dimmed, soft and soothing. You can bring strong contrasts by choosing white on the walls for example and by having a dark mirror. You can also put some color. But for the sleek style, choose light or pastel colors. As for the patterns, you can put on the floor, or by small touches on decorative accessories, or play on the openwork lights that will create your patterns when you turn on. Some ideas :

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