Bathrooms worthy of the castles!
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Bathrooms worthy of the castles!

Bathrooms worthy of the castles! You dream of a spacious and luxurious bathroom, dare worthy of the castles! If you have a space big enough, and even if you have a very small bathroom, choose noble materials and transform your moments of toilet in dream!

To make your bathroom worthy of castles, consider highlighting your bathtub, which is the main element of your decor. For those who have a large space, place it ideally in the center of the room, for others, along a wall. For these, complete with beautiful romantic curtains and do not hesitate to show his feet which are an asset of decoration. Customize them if you wish! Choose materials such as marble, stone, wood and especially optimize the space. As for light, opt for large chandeliers (make sure they are IP44 for water features) and add dots of subdued light for soothing moments in your bath.

Whether you are classic, modern, romantic, create your mood in your bathroom. Some examples of bathrooms that make you dream:

Bathrooms worthy of the castles!

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