• The troglodyte house: an architecture at the heart of nature

    The troglodyte house: an architecture at the heart of nature

    Definition Troglodyte is a masculine name for a man, a community or animals living in a cave, or a house dug in the rock or leaning on natural faults or caves in the cliffs. It is commonly said that a man is a troglodyte while his dwelling is troglodyte. A troglodyte dwelling was built by men in the rock. Ecological, it still exists in France but also abroad. Houses of exceptional charm and astonishing architecture, they are furnished and decorated with as much care as a so-called ‘traditional’ dwelling. Thus, entire cities (houses, churches, etc …) were built in the rock. The troglodyte trend Real current trend, these homes bring…

  • The Toblerone house in Brazil: a cocoon of wood and glass

    The Toblerone house in Brazil: a cocoon of wood and glass

    Designed by the mk27 studio based in Sao Paulo, the “Toblerone” House has been selected in the “villas” category of the 2012 Festival of the world of architecture in Brazil. With a ground floor surrounded by retractable glass walls, and a floor enclosed in a cocoon of wooden slats, this fine example of modern architecture blends comfortably into its natural environment, while remaining in a contemporary style . This modern and attractive residence consists of three long slabs of concrete that separate the two levels, with overhanging, open-air living room with an outdoor fireplace for long evening conversations, dinners and meetings. With the living areas on the ground floor surrounded…

  • The Roces villa in Bruges: a glass box in the middle of the trees

    The Roces villa in Bruges: a glass box in the middle of the trees

    The “Villa Roces”, designed by Govaert Studio & Vanhoutte architectuurburo, is located in Belgium on a large plot of about 70m long and 30m wide in a wooded environment of Bruges. The house was created as a glass box, built around a long glass wall 6 meters wide by 50 meters long and 4.20 meters high. Everything is played on transparency, or not! The house is built along a wall in order to respond to the lack of light and to take into account the presence of the forest, the verticality of the trees, etc … A large wall of 54 m glass constitutes the volume to the ‘before. The…

  • The door: decorative and protective architectural element
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    The door: decorative and protective architectural element

    In architectural language, a door is a structure within a wall, which allows entering or leaving a place or a room. In everyday language, a door means a movable joinery that allows to close a passage, or a piece of furniture. The functions of the door: The door fulfills several functions: – Protection against offenses The door protects the inside of animals and men. – Thermal insulation The door fulfills a role of thermal insulation that keeps the heat of the home. – The border The door marks a boundary between the inside and the outside and separates the private domain from the public domain. – Organization of spaces The…

  • The cube: An unusual construction in Birmingham

    The cube: An unusual construction in Birmingham

    The Cube is the final phase of Birmingham’s mailbox development and one of the largest buildings to date. Comprising offices, automated parking, apartments, shops, a hotel, spa, restaurant and “Sky Bar”, The Cube was designed as a building that never closes, designed to open the view to neighboring districts. Its architectural language is derived from strong local references of Birmingham’s industrial heritage. It celebrates the contrasts between industrial heavy metal work, jewelery and watchmaking. A custom coating system surrounds and defines the shape of the cube. In gold and bronze, the building plays with aluminum panels, glass, a perforated metal screen to limit the sun’s rays inwards. (Source: http://www.makearchitects.com )

  • Sublime AIBS house by Bruno Erpicum and Partners: a cube at the edge of the cliff

    Sublime AIBS house by Bruno Erpicum and Partners: a cube at the edge of the cliff

    Breathtaking construction, this house built on a cliff overlooking the sea does not leave indifferent. Designed by Bruno Erpicum & Partners Architects, this contemporary house is located in Spain at 159 meters above sea level. Black and white, cubic, the house is accessible by a staircase that leads to the lower deck where you can admire the landscape in all its beauty. All length, it has large windows that provide protection against the wind. With its large, uncluttered interior spaces, infinity pool that seems to throw itself into the void, its olive trees and stone terrace, this beautiful home is a construction in harmony with nature, offering amazing perspectives. Simply…

  • Ribbon house: design in Patagonia

    Ribbon house: design in Patagonia

    The studio G2 Estudio was recruited by two families from Tahiti in French Polynesia, to create a holiday home in San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina, to have a large integrated space for recreation, two centerpieces, two bedrooms for children, and all the equipment needed for a holiday home. The current residence of the owners is located on an island and the location of the holiday home has naturally been thought to be located between two rivers, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with: Cerro Catedral to the west, Sierra Ventana to the south, the Golf in the North, and a canyon with a stream and lush vegetation in the…

  • Spectacular architecture in the heart of nature

    Spectacular architecture in the heart of nature

    The architect Daniel Libeskind was contacted by a couple very interested in the world of art. The latter wanted a country house with the basic principle: build a house with extreme architecture that fits the landscape. The house consists of a spiral ribbon of 18 spaces, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines. The house has pure and dynamic forms. The spaces are perfectly defined and offer a view of the landscape both near and far. The bay windows blend into the ribbon. Circulations, kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms, are fluid and also offer a contrast between indoor and outdoor space. Another view of the house that…

  • Rooms with mountain flowers in Mexico
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    Rooms with mountain flowers in Mexico

    Right in the Guadalupe Valley “Mexico Wine Country”, these rooms Endémico Resguardo Silvestre are twenty. They are all independent with an area of ​​about 20 square meters and extend over 99 hectares. A place really apart. The philosophy of this project is to respect nature, avoiding any contact with the ground. The concept of “ecoLoft” also uses steel for the covers, changing color over time and offering a nice harmony with the building. The approach tends towards the concept of a “luxury” camping house, covering the basic needs of the guest, who is in touch with nature and the environment. , photographies : © Luís García ) (Source: http://www.archdaily.com/199347/endemico-resguardo-silvestre-graciastudio ,…

  • Recycled house concept by Michael Reynolds
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    Recycled house concept by Michael Reynolds

    Earthships Biotecture is a concept developed by Michael “Mike” Reynolds, an American architect, based in New Mexico. For more than thirty years, this architect inspired by our waste has developed the concept of waste recycling for the construction of durable and ingenious homes. The project includes the construction of passive houses made of natural and recycled materials, thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization, renewable energies and integrated water systems, while taking into account sustainability, with a combination of biology and architecture. Each project can be built in any part of the world, in any climate, while offering basic services such as electricity, drinking water, sewage treatment, not to mention facilities.…