• Portrait in Brief: A "Flaming" Painter by the Name of Steven Spazuk
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    Portrait in Brief: A "Flaming" Painter by the Name of Steven Spazuk

    Star of fire, Franco-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk has developed a unique technique to use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create paintings. Using various tools, he sculpts the plumes of soot by letting the shapes appear on the canvas. Playing with shadows and lights, he is also fascinated by the human body and wants to express spontaneity, chance, emotions, opinions and stories. I let you discover his work, intensely creative: video screenshot © Steven Spazuk self portrait, photo © Steven Spazuk photo © Steven Spazuk Louise Bourgeois by Annie Leibovitz, photo © Steven Spazuk Steven Spazuk’s father, photo © Steven Spazuk…

  • Misappropriations: the chair reviewed and corrected
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    Misappropriations: the chair reviewed and corrected

    Functional, simple, worked, comfortable or rudimentary, the chair is an indispensable element of our interiors. A common object, it lends itself to all interpretations, styles and forms. I wanted today to share new approaches to this piece of furniture. Here, the chair is manipulated and its function sometimes diverted. Thus, artists have redesigned the object to create more surprising works than the others with a completely different vision of the chair. Here are their achievements: ) (Sources: http://www.designboom.com/history/stilllife.html )

  • Micro art: tiny paintings by Hasan Kale

    Micro art: tiny paintings by Hasan Kale

    The artist Hasan Kale creates painted works on objects of tiny size. Whether it is an inert object or from living, he paints on every object he finds. A needle, a seed, a wing of butterfly or sugar in pieces, whatever the object, it turns into a canvas in his hands. Inspired by Istanbul, he paints panoramas on these tiny objects. His technique is based on the use of the black pen brush and the colors are directly inspired by the harmonious hues of Levni. Here are his beautiful achievements that require technique, patience and thoroughness: , http://www.themag.it ) (Sources: https://www.facebook.com/microarthasankale , http://www.themag.it )

  • May 26, mothers are in the spotlight: mothers revered by sculpture
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    May 26, mothers are in the spotlight: mothers revered by sculpture

    I chose to present you some sculptures that I like, representing the mother and her child. Whether old or new, of all origins, the sculptures representing the mother refer to a primitive worship of fertility, from prehistory to the present day. Formerly, this cult, where the woman is put forward, assumed a sacred dimension by venerating the Earth, fertility and fertility. Today, artists continue to carve women as mothers. I’ll let you discover some of them: Sculpture by Martin Hudáčeka (Slovakia on October 28, 2011) ) Mother with child and ball ( http://www.galerie-com.com/oeuvre/mere-with-child-and-balle/58414/ ) http://fr.freepik.com/photos-libre/mere-et-enfant-sculpture_34820.htm http://www.etikakris.com/ Sculpture “Mother and child”, Work of Kahina Ouazar ( http://en.artquid.com/seller/24518/kahina-ouazar.html?o=1 ) The little mother…

  • Luxury jewelry made of paper
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    Luxury jewelry made of paper

    The artist Kirsten Hassenfeld creates paper sculptures in the image of beautifully crafted jewels. She introduces us to the extravagant and sumptuous world of luxury jewelry by working on paper as a precious material. Hand crafted, these translucent paper jewelry forms intricate polygons, cut like diamonds. Kirsten Hassenfeld, a true work of meticulousness, cuts, folds and glues pieces of paper by incorporating the technique of quilling (this technique consists of rolling strips of paper to create decorative ornaments). The designer began working on paper in 1999 and has produced several serial installations over the past decade, addressing the theme of luxury. Wealth, success and money are often represented by an…

  • Ice Magic! Bruges Ice Sculpture Festival 2012
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    Ice Magic! Bruges Ice Sculpture Festival 2012

    If you want to be charmed by the magic of snow and ice, head over to the Bruges Ice Sculpture Festival 2012, inspired by the tales of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. “Ice Magic immerses you in the time immemorial magicians and enchanters. Take a trip to the land of giant sculptures by letting yourself be guided by the Philosopher’s Stone to the Ice Palace. Follow the talisman in the crystal forest and ward off the bewitching queen of snow. Get to know the legendary animals of the snow maze and find yourself face to face with the winter dragon. Take the ice slide to…

  • Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington
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    Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington

    This tactile puzzle was designed by Jacqueline Tollington, a Canadian multidisciplinary designer, as a mapping aid for the visually impaired. The surface of the puzzle is a transcript of a topographic relief of city, region or country. These puzzles can be made on demand, whatever the desired relief, according to a laser cutting process. When the puzzle is over, visually impaired players have the opportunity to better represent the geographic location of their choice. This concept is still in draft form and is not yet commercialized. Very nice idea turned to a humanist design. (Photos credit: Jacqueline Tollington http://www.coroflot.com/jtollington )

  • Good or bad Karma? A tower of men blinded by Do Ho Suh

    Good or bad Karma? A tower of men blinded by Do Ho Suh

    Karma, a tower of blind men rising in the sky by Do Ho Suh. It is an intriguing sculptural installation by the Korean artist Do Ho Suh. He presents countless men sitting on top of another while protecting everyone’s eyes. The sculpture represents a spectacular human scale rising to the sky. Perched on the shoulders of the other, each man is successively blind. The Korean artist uses the human form to push the audience to think. His work constantly questions his own identity and individuality using the human body. These stainless steel men, different but recognizable entities, seem to move as one. His work could be interpreted as the representation…

  • Foot bath by Sicis: women's bathtub
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    Foot bath by Sicis: women's bathtub

    If you are a woman and you love to collect shoes, then this bathtub is for you! Both bathtub and giant shoe, this bathtub, designed by the Italian brand Sicis, is refined, elegant and at the height of chic. Thanks to the glass mosaic, which is reminiscent of the sequins of evening shoes, the pink bathtub also brings a design style and glitter atmosphere. The water mixer is integrated within the bathtub itself, its height is 165 cm by 270 cm with a height of 60 cm in a hip bath. In the bedroom and why not in the living room? This bath costs about 13000 euros. Beautiful all the…

  • Digital architecture: when architecture and photography marry
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    Digital architecture: when architecture and photography marry

    The architecture reviewed and corrected by the photographer Victor Enrich. The self-taught artist has chosen architectural elements to apply digital retouching techniques using 3D rendering. Thus, the photographer reaches photorealism, by observing details, understanding volumes, lights and sounds, inspiration and patience. It transforms the urban landscape and changes the reality of what we usually perceive. Between reality and illusion! Here is a presentation of some of his work: (Source: http://www.victorenrich.com )