• Ascension in art
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    Ascension in art

    Ascension is a Christian holiday celebrated forty days after Easter (counting Easter Sunday). That’s why she always falls on a Thursday, usually in May. In the tradition and the Christian faith, it marks the elevation to heaven of Jesus of Nazareth after his resurrection and the end of his earthly presence. The Ascension, miniature on an evangelical, codex of Rabula, Fol 13v, VI ° century. Wikimedia CC. Ascension, icon of the Novgorod School, 1341. Wikimedia CC. Andrei Rublev, Icon of Ascension. Wikimedia CC public domain. Giotto di Bondone. Ascension. Church of Padua Arena (= Scrovegni Chapel). Fresco, 1303-1306. Wikimedia CC. Detail of Burtz Françoise, Ascension Pentecost. © Aimable concession