• And if we decorated the bathroom with plants?
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    And if we decorated the bathroom with plants?

    Share 433 433 +1 Want nature, greenery in your bathroom? Do not hesitate, install plants. Perfect room for plants as long as it has light, the bathroom will become a haven of peace. Green plants, succulents, plant walls and many other ideas will be all assets to create a green bathroom. Water is available quickly to water your plants and moisture is not a problem. A window will be necessary however for your plants or then it will be necessary to opt for the false plants. You can create a natural atmosphere by adding some pebbles or other minerals, or simply have a plant here and there. For a green…

  • Stone in the bathroom
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    Stone in the bathroom

    Share 72 72 +1 For bathrooms that are both contemporary and authentic, go for the stone! Whether natural or facing, they provide a natural atmosphere and create different styles for all tastes and desires. Whether it’s natural stone or ornament, stone brings an interesting texture to a wall. Used sparingly, it creates a contrast with the whole. Be careful not to embed a mirror in the stone, it would be difficult to replace it if it is damaged, and remember to avoid water points to facilitate cleaning if you keep the natural stone. If you install it in the shower, consider protecting it, or choose imitation provided for the water…

  • Minimalist bathrooms
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    Minimalist bathrooms

    The trend is minimalism! Airy spaces, tidy, integrated furniture, the bathroom decorates without artifice to space and create a light, clean and relaxing atmosphere. With a calm and serene atmosphere, the bathroom wants to be minimalist. The decor is simple, with a modern, uncluttered look. The lines are geometric and often follow the architecture of the room optimizing the space. The furniture is rare to answer only the essential in terms of storage, without loading and without artifice. However, it must allow a large storage area, functional and accessible. As for the choice of colors, opt for neutral tones, from white to gray, beige to brown that will accentuate the…

  • Patterned tiles in the bathroom
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    Patterned tiles in the bathroom

    Share 31 31 +1 Wake up your bathroom with patterns. The tiles are adorned with lines and shapes, colors on the floor or on the walls to bring freshness and vitality to your water features. Earthenware, tomette, cement tiles, …, the tiles are adorned with a thousand colors and varied patterns to wake up your bathroom. With many patterns already present on the tiles or by creating your own graphics with colored tiles, you can transform your body of water into a lively, pleasant and aesthetic place. The bathroom is reinvented with its coatings for the pleasure of the eyes whatever your style. Some ideas : (source: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/662310688919987368/ ) (source:…

  • Parquet in the bathroom
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    Parquet in the bathroom

    Naturalness in the decoration! The wood is back in the interiors and especially the parquet. The bathroom does not escape for the pleasure of the eyes, comfort and aesthetics. If you think that a parquet is difficult for the bathroom, making the right choices, you can use it without problem. Wood is a natural and durable material, very strong and requires little maintenance. However, some precautions should be taken when using it in water rooms. By applying a suitable finish to damp rooms making water penetration impossible, you can enjoy your parquet in the bathroom. Also protect joints to prevent seepage. There are many commercially available products for this type…

  • Beige in the bathroom
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    Beige in the bathroom

    Share 2 2 +1 Neutral and warm color, beige is ideal in the bathroom. An intimate color and symbol of zen, beige will create a soothing atmosphere in your water feature. Beige emphasizes the light while bringing softness. But be careful not to adopt the total look that might tire you. Embellish with white to lighten the mood or gray for a more contemporary style. Neutral and soothing, beige is close to nature and creates places with an impression of space and calm. It is particularly suitable for the bathroom. Whether classic, modern, zen, rustic, oriental, this shade will fit you perfectly! Some ideas : (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/309411436884117134/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/425942077242655315/…

  • Copper in the bathroom
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    Copper in the bathroom

    Material closely related to the building, copper is a must for interiors. Today he shows himself and not only for plumbing. He invites himself on everyday objects and takes his place in the bathroom on faucets, but also on sanitary and decorative accessories. Trend, copper does not show itself only on visible pipes or taps. It is bright, warm and creates a retro atmosphere in the bathroom. It is found on door handles, faucets, basins, bathtubs, mirrors, towel rails and decorative accessories. If it was used for the objects of the past, it reinvents itself to modernize and associate with the contemporary style. Its material will skate over time to…

  • We decorate the bathroom with pebbles
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    We decorate the bathroom with pebbles

    The pebble is the star of the bathroom! On the floor or on the walls, it is soft to the touch, natural and can be installed everywhere in tiling or element of decoration. Authentic pebble, it is timeless and can bring both a zen or modern atmosphere. More refined than the tiles, the pebble is unavoidable. Nature comes into the bathroom while creating a game of materials and colors. The pebble combines with wood, glass and ceramics and inspires fullness. You can decorate it with plants to create a natural and zen atmosphere. The pebble is installed on floors, walls, inside an Italian shower, on carpets or decorative accessories, but…

  • Dressed gray bathrooms
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    Dressed gray bathrooms

    Share 5K 5K +1 The bathroom is elegant with gray. From light to dark, on furniture or on materials, gray creates chic in your water features. Try the gray in the bathroom! Chic, elegant, it is both soft and refined. You can use it on the furniture by installing white bowls that will stand out on a white wall. The subway gray floor tiles create a subtle urban atmosphere, while the more granite materials or concrete create more modern atmospheres or in an oriental style. If you like industrial style, enhance it with canopies and emphasize black. Gray is a neutral color, timeless and suitable for all styles whether you…

  • Pink tiles in the bathroom
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    Pink tiles in the bathroom

    Share 565 565 +1 Decorate your bathroom with pink tiles! Fresh, light and sure feminine, the rose creates soothing and relaxing ambiences while bringing a touch of sweetness. Try it on the tiles. On the walls, the floor or for water locations, the tiles see life in pink. Rectangular square, or simple pink joints, tiling brings color to your bathroom. It will bring out white basins and may even be associated with black for the tip of chic. An idea in pink mode for light bathrooms and deco while delicacy. Some ideas : (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/102456960255404065/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/848858229734857491/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/450922981430792633/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/373939575291377614/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/676454806500977219/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/94857135885092559/…