• An art deco room
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    An art deco room

    Atmosphere “art deco” for this room in red and black. The floor is covered with clear varnished parquet and the walls have been painted red. The window was dressed with black curtains. A large red and gray carpet was installed under the bed and was placed at an angle to create dynamism in the room. The bed is black wrought iron with red and white bed linen. The bedside table and the small piece of furniture are also in red and black metal. An art deco painting was installed on the wall and a bedside lamp was placed on the wall of the window. The lamp is raw concrete, hand…

  • 10 tips to highlight your bed
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    10 tips to highlight your bed

    ) . You have redecorated your room, redone the paintings, put wallpaper and curtains, but your bed seems dull and empty (photo source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/22095854395068782/ ) . Here are 10 tips to put your bed in value: First of all, you have to make your bed comfortable and cozy. Feel free to install several cushions whether large or small, round, square or rectangular. Your bed will be much more welcoming! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/570549846512320001/ ) ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/196258496233342325/ ) You can choose your bed to suit your decor, or change to the rhythm of the seasons. There are all the colors and materials that you can combine according to the existing decoration…

  • A room with brick walls
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    A room with brick walls

    Brick room Very chic decor for this room, where wood, brick and leather are found in a bright atmosphere. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with fine carpet in shades of linen, on which was arranged a large carpet with floral motifs. The walls were guarded with bricks. The ceiling is painted white with pretty cornices and recessed spots. Furniture and accessories The canopy bed is the main element of the room. It is imposing with its four large polished wood columns and black leather, which gives it a chic appearance. A wooden dresser of the same style was chosen to serve as a bedside table. Higher,…

  • A room lit by lantern
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    A room lit by lantern

    Lantern lit room Original decoration for this room lit by hanging lanterns. The floor is covered with a brown carpet on which has been arranged a white carpet in the form of cloud. The bed is in white painted wood and a canopy was created with silk curtains. The headboard consists of old louvered shutters, restored and fixed on the wall. An original chandelier, made of white bows, goes down to the center of the bed. Finally, on each side of the bed, electrified lanterns were suspended, creating a symmetry and an original decor. A chic and romantic room.

  • A bamboo room
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    A bamboo room

    Bamboo atmosphere for this colorful and natural room. The floor is covered with a cream tile on which has been arranged a black and red carpet. The walls were upholstered with cream wallpaper, two black and red stripes arranged vertically on each side of the bed, and another with bamboo motifs to form the headboard. The curtains that dress the window were chosen with patterns reminiscent of those of the wallpaper. The furniture is entirely bamboo handcrafted with round shapes. A tree was placed in the room near the window and two “birdcage” chandeliers were installed along the wall of the headboard. An original room all bamboo!

  • 6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery
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    6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery

    For children to feel at home, especially in their rooms, here are 6 tips for organizing, arranging and decorating their rooms. It is advisable to privilege the clear and not aggressive colors to favor the sleep of the child. Blue and green are particularly well suited for relaxation, or even yellow to promote work and reasoning. For your baby, the beds are small, but when the child gets older, it’s time to change. You can opt for a changing bed, remove the bars of the old bed, and when it becomes bigger, choose a bed of 140 cm so that it feels good. If you run out of space and…

  • A taupe room
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    A taupe room

    Taupe room A bright room redecorated in taupe tones The floor and the walls The tiled floor was kept on which was placed a large carpet in shades of brown to warm the atmosphere. The walls have been painted in light taupe with a lime plaster and ceiling. The beautiful fireplace has been preserved. Furniture and accessories The fireplace was dressed with a large trumeau mirror in which are reflected the chandeliers rattan. The bed is the central element of the room. A headboard was created with a large wood-painted MDF panel and light garlands were installed on it to create a pleasant atmosphere. Another velvet headboard, very wide, comes…

  • A chic hotel room and chocolate
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    A chic hotel room and chocolate

    Chocolate atmosphere for this hotel room. The floor is covered with linen carpet and the walls have been painted white. A niche was created to fit the bed; it has built-in lighting for localized light. The headboard is in brown padded leather. The curtains that dress the window are in chocolate color. A piece of velvet bed was placed in front of the bed. Under it, a large long brown carpet with white circles has been installed. It creates an impression of extension of the bed and structures the room by bringing a little lightness with its white circles. Finally, a chocolate luster was installed in the center of the…

  • Design bedroom
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    Design bedroom

    Black and white striped decor for this very stylish room. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with an anthracite tiling on which is laid a large carpet with zebra patterns. The walls have been painted in cream for a touch of softness. The baseboards, corners of walls and chopsticks were painted dark brown, almost black, to accentuate the lines of the room. Furniture and accessories A large black and white leather design bed was set up, surrounded by two leather bedside tables on which two zebra patterned lamps were placed. The acrylic painting on canvas is also in black and white and was installed above the headboard…

  • 11 room ideas for two children
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    11 room ideas for two children

    You have two or more children and only one room to welcome them. ) Comment installer et décorer leur chambre pour leur créer leur espace? (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/479422322805084314/ ) How to install and decorate their room to create their space? Here are 11 days to decorate the room for two or more children: You can use the attic by arranging two separate spaces separated by a central partition. Thus, everyone has his private space. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/432486370439743093/“> With this cube, two spaces forming two rooms, one on the ground and the other in mezzanine are created. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/502503270896766276/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/296463587943673545/“> No jealous with this totally symmetrical room where…