• Bohemian style releases the decor
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    Bohemian style releases the decor

    Share 2 2 +1 The “Bohemian” style is suitable for all those who are outside the conventions, it is outside the established rules. The “bohemian” design occupies space without empty space and consists of a multitude of decorative accessories (Photo Source: pinterest) . Inspired by the way of life of Travelers, the “bohemian” style consists of cushions, paintings, figurines and all kinds of decorative objects. The decor is comfortable and colorful, to indulge in relaxation without constraint. Here are some beautiful ideas of “bohemian” decorations: ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/563301865862437790/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/328973947751265025/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/327144360402706395/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/422494008763019608/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/76420524899593309/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/401664860486714281/ ) )…

  • And if we decorated outside Bohemian way!
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    And if we decorated outside Bohemian way!

    For the beautiful days that are already there and those to come, decorate your outside Bohemian way! Cushions on the floor, draperies, carpets, decorate anywhere, in the garden, in a clearing, under a tree, and enjoy the places! Just a few elements, a cushion, a tablecloth, some hangings, some tealight holders, … On the terrace, in the garden, under a tree or at the beach, you will improvise your corner of paradise to relax and enjoy the ‘summer. The accessories are simple, rudimentary but beautiful! We let ourselves live, taking the time to stroll. Your turn to judge ! Here are some ideas: ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492581277970534284/ ) ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/454089574902669384/“>…

  • Bohemian atmosphere in the room
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    Bohemian atmosphere in the room

    Inspired by the nomadic world, the Bohemian style transports you on a journey. It consists of natural materials, patterns and vibrant colors where carpets and drapes invite themselves into the decor. A true invitation to travel and relax, the bohemian style is perfect for rooms such as living room or bedroom. For the latter, rely on vibrant colors on walls as well as furniture, as well as bed linen. You can decorate with objects that you have brought back from your travels by arranging them on furniture. Embellish cushions, lamps and lanterns to create an intimate and festive atmosphere. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AR92HNTLt5mcQz-614YMQFiRlWAtJrNjQ6M-9O49Zt5tPwviAz5aq9U/ ) Patterns can be mixed, from light floral…

  • The bohemian style in the bathroom
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    The bohemian style in the bathroom

    Adopt the “bohemian” style in your bathroom! True invitation to travel, these colorful decorations with mix of accessories and materials brought here and there, will be a deco asset to transform your piece of water into a little corner of paradise. Hangings, rugs, plants, photo frames, objects brought back from your holidays, all elements that make up the bohemian style. Bright colors are welcome and materials are natural with stone, metal and fabrics. If the “bohemian” style can often seem neglected, it is not so. It’s all about balance between objects. The furniture is decorated with patterns and the walls are weathered to reveal the support, while other sets are…

  • Bohemian rooms
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    Bohemian rooms

    Create a “bohemian” style in your room. Soft, simple, comfortable and inviting to dream and rest, the bohemian style is particularly suitable for this piece. A mattress on the floor, comfortable carpets, draperies, cushions, but also original headboards and often recovered, all of which can allow you to create a bohemian atmosphere in your room. The materials are soft and comfortable for textiles, raw for furniture. You can use pallet wood to make your bed, overuse carpets and cushions, create a canopy with fabrics. The main thing is to privilege softness. If you like color, the bohemian style lends itself particularly. You can choose bright shades by keys on a…

  • Fanciful and artistic "bohemian" lounges
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    Fanciful and artistic "bohemian" lounges

    Partagez ez Enregistrer578 +1 Couleurs vives, ambiance relaxante, coussins, matières douces et motifs fleuris, le style bohème s’invite au salon pour laisser libre cours à votre créativité et à votre sens artistique. Emprunt de souvenirs, d’objets chinés et ramenés lors de vos voyages, le style bohème est aussi une décoration d’émotion. Si vous souhaitez créer un décor bohème dans votre salon, mélangez les tons neutres et les couleurs vives. Choisissez des canapés aux formes courbes et douces avec des matières en tissu, voire du velours. N’hésitez pas à installer de nombreux coussins colorés sur vos assises et à même le sol, les patchworks étant les bienvenus. Installez un pouf et…