• A chic hotel room and chocolate
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    A chic hotel room and chocolate

    Chocolate atmosphere for this hotel room. The floor is covered with linen carpet and the walls have been painted white. A niche was created to fit the bed; it has built-in lighting for localized light. The headboard is in brown padded leather. The curtains that dress the window are in chocolate color. A piece of velvet bed was placed in front of the bed. Under it, a large long brown carpet with white circles has been installed. It creates an impression of extension of the bed and structures the room by bringing a little lightness with its white circles. Finally, a chocolate luster was installed in the center of the…

  • Shades of browns and oranges in the living room
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    Shades of browns and oranges in the living room

    For nature-colored interiors, use brown pallets reminiscent of tree bark. A touch of orange will bring vitality and light to interiors that are both warm and full of gaiety. Brown is reminiscent of the earth, the bark of trees. All these tones offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere where it is good to snuggle in a sofa. Add a touch of orange wakes up the atmosphere. Today, this color is very present in contemporary interiors. Used in large or small touches, orange creates a beautiful harmony with brown, black and even white. For all styles through the classic, contemporary, urban chic or pop art, orange blends perfectly with a palette…