• Crush: Handmade designer rugs in the image of Mother Nature
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    Crush: Handmade designer rugs in the image of Mother Nature

    This is the association of two designers, Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton. The two women present their second collection of hand-crafted rugs for Designer Rugs. In New Zealand wool, the carpets are entirely handmade with the guiding line, the floral motifs. The colors are bright, rich and intense. The reasons, they are giant! To discover ! The designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson (Photo credits: http://www.designerrugs.com.au/ )

  • How to install a carpet?
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    How to install a carpet?

    Want a carpet? Yes, but for what use and which room? This element of decoration oh so warm and practical requires however to ask the right questions. Where will I install it and what will it be like? If you want to bring some warmth to your interior, the carpet is the decorative element to choose. It structures the space by delimiting it, brings comfort and aesthetics to your decor. It can meet different needs whether comfort, functionality or aesthetics. There are many shapes and many materials and colors to meet your desires. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/542331980107521959/ ) Depending on the room where you will install the carpet, it is necessary…