• Extraordinary children's bedrooms
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    Extraordinary children's bedrooms

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  • 6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery
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    6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery

    For children to feel at home, especially in their rooms, here are 6 tips for organizing, arranging and decorating their rooms. It is advisable to privilege the clear and not aggressive colors to favor the sleep of the child. Blue and green are particularly well suited for relaxation, or even yellow to promote work and reasoning. For your baby, the beds are small, but when the child gets older, it’s time to change. You can opt for a changing bed, remove the bars of the old bed, and when it becomes bigger, choose a bed of 140 cm so that it feels good. If you run out of space and…

  • Children's rooms: an inspired return!
    Bedroom,  Child's room,  Decoration ideas,  Decoration tips,  Rooms

    Children's rooms: an inspired return!

    The start came and the children went back to school. How to decorate the children’s room while integrating an office space? ) Voici quelques idées pour transformer leurs chambres en véritable espace agréable à vivre et fonctionnel. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/168392473542426930/ ) Here are some ideas for transforming their rooms into a real pleasant and functional space. With lines and stripes clad, this room with graphic effects includes a bed and a desk on a single part of a wall. Space saving solution ensured! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/168392473542542493/” ikea> With two beds, one in a drawer, two offices could be created. The central space is clear. ) (source http://www.pinterest.com/pin/168392473541058705/“> A bit of…