• Table basse Flamingo
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    Table basse Flamingo

    I present my latest creation: the Flamingo coffee table. Inspired by the flamingo, she wants to be practical, light and playful. I wanted to create a coffee table, light, feminine and decorative object in its own right. It must of course be functional, but also be a decorative element. I wanted it to evoke a little nature, hence my reflection: – A touch of femininity: I chose the pink color – A touch of animality and lightness: the bird – A warm touch: the fire – One movement: GO The name has arrived naturally: – fire, flame, go: Flamingo – pink, bird: pink flamingo That’s where my inspiration came from.…

  • 2018 Calendar
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    2018 Calendar

    The new year has begun and it promises to be rich in discoveries! I offer you the 2018 calendar to print for free and wish you the best in all areas! Looking forward to seeing you regularly on my blog! Nice year to all! Click here to download: calendar-2018-FL

  • DIY: make a center of tables with glasses and candles
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    DIY: make a center of tables with glasses and candles

    Christmas is fast approaching and you want to set up a pretty table for the holidays. Create your centerpiece yourself with stemware and candles! To make your centerpiece, you will need: – a plate (classic or decorated cardboard, here I chose to dress a porcelain plate) – gift wrap – scissors – Scotch – 3 glasses with transparent feet – 3 colorful garlands – 3 Christmas balls – 3 candles (photo: copyright ) Start by decorating your plate by wrapping it with gift wrap: (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) You can then arrange your glasses on the plate: (photo: copyright…

  • Story of a Creation: The Tribal Throne
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    Story of a Creation: The Tribal Throne

    The story of the tribal throne. One of my handcrafted wooden creations to take you to distant lands. Like all creations, the idea is part of a small design with the desire to achieve a somewhat anthropomorphic sitting from natural materials: wood and sheepskin. I wanted to mix man, animal and nature while allowing comfort and function. (drawing: copyright ) Once the sketch was done (and some thoughts to design the furniture), I first created a box that had to compose the seat: (photo: copyright ) (photo: copyright ) I then added some elements to insert the feet: (photo: copyright ) I went to the realization of feet with scissors…

  • Creation: a set of concrete checkers
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    Creation: a set of concrete checkers

    Raw material that I like, the concrete inspires me and sometimes transforms into furniture, sometimes as an object of decoration. A game of checkers is born from this mixture between mineral and water. For parties, we often meet around a table to play together and share good times. I wanted to create a game of checkers in concrete, raw material, resistant and natural. Another support to play differently. Here is my checkers game: Water, sand and cement, a little shaping and the game was born: (copyright ) (copyright ) (copyright )

  • DIY: making a mirror frame with insulation board
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    DIY: making a mirror frame with insulation board

    A recycling idea to use old insulation boards and recycle a mirror. Lightweight and easy to implement to create a decorative mirror in an entrance. I had long ago stored the glass of a mirror that I did not want to throw by telling me, it can serve one day. Some remnants of unused polystyrene insulation for the home were used to create a frame for this mirror. I used a cutter to cut a solid panel on which to put my glass and I also cut a frame for the second part. Some screws to secure both together and rope to secure the frame to the wall. I then…

  • DIY: make a Christmas wreath
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    DIY: make a Christmas wreath

    An easy idea to create a Christmas wreath with garlands, paper, rope and a few balls! If you have old garlands, a surplus, do not store them and create yourself a pretty Christmas wreath! To make it, you will need: – card stock (here I used thick drawing paper) – a compass – Scotch – three garlands (new or recycled) – Christmas balls – a stapler – a pair of scissors – of string (photo: copyright ) To begin, you will draw a first large diameter circle on the sheet of card stock: (photo: copyright ) Then a second inside lower diameter: (photo: copyright ) Then cut out your paper…

  • Creation of a concrete coffee table
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    Creation of a concrete coffee table

    Raw material par excellence, concrete is difficult to work for the realization of object and is even more when it comes to furniture. However, I decided to make a pretty coffee table both solid and aesthetic. I like concrete. Raw material, solid and durable, it is also the way to create from experienced mixtures, tasty precision dosage between sand, cement and water. The fineness of the sand is also important as well as the amount of water needed, neither top nor not enough. I wanted to make a coffee table both practical and aesthetic by encrusting slate. After a drawing at my lift, I started to build a mold so…

  • My Christmas decorations
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    My Christmas decorations

    Noël se prépare ! Avec un peu d’idée, quelques accessoires et des décors lumineux, vous pouvez transformer votre salon en un lieu agréable et chaleureux pour les fêtes. Aujourd’hui, j’ai choisi de partager avec vous mes décorations pour Noël. A partir d’un sapin artificiel, d’un arbre lumineux et de quelques accessoires, j’ai réaliser un petit endroit chaleureux et lumineux. J’ai aussi choisi d’habiller la cheminée en l’éclairant elle aussi avec des éléments en bois pour avoir un peu la tête dans les étoiles. Les différents éléments : – Un sapin artificiel trouvé chez Carrefour : – Trois guirlandes traditionnelles chez Carrefour : une dorée, une rouge, une argentée : – Quatre étoiles en métal Alinéa :…

  • Creation of a playful wardrobe for children
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    Creation of a playful wardrobe for children

    A little while ago, I imagined a wardrobe at once practical and fun for children. Some stages of reflection, a model and finally the final project that I hope will become reality. Once is not custom (but I hope it will be more and more often), I present one of my creations, the Cabinet “V”, a playful furniture for children. Here is the little story of this project: To create this wardrobe, I started from a research board starting from the children’s heroes (A certain Bob helped me a lot): (copyright ) The general shape being defined, I realized a small wooden model: (copyright ) A small 3D modeling to…