• DIY: Customize a vase with coins
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    DIY: Customize a vase with coins

    If you want to turn an old vase into an original and chic object, use coins, cents or old coins centimes francs. You will create an entirely different vase, chic and design. It’s the Wednesday DIY! To make yourself with old coins, create a chic vase and design! An original idea, which will cost you a little glue and the money you put on it naturally! đŸ˜‰ Photos www.likealady.net ) (Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/224194887674400626/ Photos www.likealady.net )

  • The deco idea of ​​Saturday: a fir tree hanging balls
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    The deco idea of ​​Saturday: a fir tree hanging balls

    To create a light and airy Christmas tree, make this beautiful creation from hanging Christmas balls. It’s the deco idea of ​​Saturday! An original idea that allows you to easily place your gifts under the tree because the tree does not touch the ground. Pretty and original, it’s the idea of ​​deco Saturday! See the tutorial: http://www.notmartha.org/archives/2010/12/20/christmas-tree-ornament-mobile/ Good weekend to all!

  • Art and matter: creativity in decoration!
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    Art and matter: creativity in decoration!

    If the design takes a big place in our interiors, the material makes its return in the creativity of the designers. Thus, wood, bronze, stone are mixed with materials commonly used for the manufacture of furniture such as wood to make decorative accessories and unique furniture, even chic and luxurious. If wood is the basic material usually used for furniture, today it is enhanced with materials such as metal, glass, bronze or stone. The materials merge with each other, blend, intertwine, to create real decorative pieces in the house. Apart from their decorative aspect, the furniture becomes a work of art and the furniture takes all its place in our…

  • "Nature-chic" ambiances!
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    "Nature-chic" ambiances!

    Share 93 93 +1 Are you hesitating between a modern and rustic decoration? Indeed, the choice is difficult and significantly different. However, it is possible to marry these two distinct styles to create a decoration both natural and chic while integrating into our contemporary decorations. Today you will not have to choose. Feel free to mix the charm of the natural with more modern materials with clean lines and minimalist. The woods will be highlighted and all will create a nice balance of materials and shapes. Thus, old houses, old furniture and even new creations will come to life and their place in your home. The secret of a successful…

  • Concrete in the decor
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    Concrete in the decor

    Raw material, the concrete used in construction is nowadays declined in decorative material. For modern, contemporary, refined or designer interiors, concrete is inviting on the walls and in every room of the house. With many possibilities, this cold and raw material can be waxed, stained or painted. Very durable, durable, it can be used on floors, walls or in the kitchen for worktops or basins and bathtubs in the bathroom. Sometimes he even invites himself to the furniture. Real concrete or imitation, concrete is aesthetic. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/223420831493047083/ ) Crude concrete will pair with contemporary or ultra modern interiors, combined with white and metal furniture, while colored concrete can be…

  • Feng Shui: zen and serene interiors
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    Feng Shui: zen and serene interiors

    If you want a little more harmony in your home, relax on your way home in the evening and let go, adopt the rules of Feng Shui. Chinese ancestral art, its principles lead to well-being and zenitude. Feng Shui is first and foremost an art of common sense. It includes some rules in terms of layout, materials and colors to achieve a true harmony in your home. It is a real art of living to tend to well-being around elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water, to create serenity and balance. Complementing these principles, another concept derived from Chinese art: yin and yang. An opposition which must however…