• The veranda illuminates the interiors!
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    The veranda illuminates the interiors!

    The beautiful days are approaching and the works will be able to start on the outside. To enjoy the brightness of the outdoors in any weather, the veranda is an option found to expand your interior while enjoying the light. The conservatory will give you a taste of nature, an indoor garden that will be the transition between your home and the garden. Often backed by the house, the veranda allows you to acquire additional surface, to dive gently into the nature a little like an airlock between your house and your garden. Light or hard, wood, metal or plastic, the veranda often serves as an additional living room where…

  • The deco idea of ​​Saturday: we decorate a very small balcony!
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    The deco idea of ​​Saturday: we decorate a very small balcony!

    You have a tiny balcony and you dream of sitting in the sun, decorate it! Even very small balconies can become friendly spaces offering a little piece of paradise. It’s the deco idea of ​​Saturday! Enjoy the outdoors on your balcony, even if it’s very small, it’s possible! With a little idea, you can create your little green while enjoying the sun. A fake grass, a seat and one or two plants, and voila! It’s the deco idea of ​​Saturday! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/336503403384083988/ ) Good weekend to all!

  • Mix the styles in decoration
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    Mix the styles in decoration

    We dare the mix of style! Although one is tempted to choose the same theme for its interior design, the mix of style is an interesting combination to bring your interior to life with harmony and elegance. From the old with contemporary and contrasts all smooth and finesse! The style defines a theme for your interior. It creates the atmosphere and unifies the whole. But beware of the “total look” that can create if not consistency, a bland and soulless impression. A nice interior is elegant but also alive! Do not hesitate to go out of the conventions and dare to mix styles! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/568509152936488591/ ) Your antique furniture…

  • Good reflexes to create a small bathroom
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    Good reflexes to create a small bathroom

    Not easy to arrange a bathroom when the space is small. But it is not impossible mission as long as one has the good reflexes. How to arrange the furniture, choose a bath or shower, find the right storage … many questions to ask when developing his small bathroom. Room where you spend time each day, the bathroom must be welcoming, practical and functional, while keeping a maximum of space to circulate. For starters, if you have a small bathroom, avoid installing a bathtub. Prefer the shower, and if you have the possibility of an Italian shower that will give you a feeling of visual space since there is no…

  • How to create a romantic room?
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    How to create a romantic room?

    Sweet, charming, light, romantic style is appropriate for decorating your room. This room will become warm and sensual. A true state of mind, romanticism will no longer be just a style, but a reflection of what you expect in the evening when you go to bed. First, delete the superfluous. Store and unclutter to create a light and soothing atmosphere. Simplicity and order will make your room an elegant piece. For bedding, choose comfort with soft sheets and pillows. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/218917231865856161/ ) The light must be sieved. Also keep your lighting general, but think of adding more intimate lamps, or even install some candles on the furniture. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/426293920954419234/ )…

  • Minimalism in decoration
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    Minimalism in decoration

    Minimalism is a style. Today trend, minimalism is particularly suitable for small spaces. But beware, minimalism does not mean without decoration and without taste! Simple decoration, light furniture and space saving perfectly define the minimalist style. To create a minimalist decor, three elements must be taken into account: The materials (stone, wood, fabric, all in lightness) Objects that must be primarily functional and allow storage The very light colors in pale hues, the decor being matched to the color of the walls. A minimalist decor is particularly suitable for small spaces with limited, functional furniture, with storage possibilities to let only the essentials. The furniture is low to give an…

  • Very small spaces: how to install the room?
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    Very small spaces: how to install the room?

    You need to make a room for yourself, your children or a guest room, but you have very small spaces. There are solutions to create a room even in small places. Nothing is impossible ! Whether you have a square, rectangular room, long or attic, you can arrange a room for one or more people. A large bed will take all the surface and you will have difficulties to turn around, but well arranged, the room can become a nice and functional little cocoon. You can create mezzanines, put child beds in rows in a rectangular room, create storage spaces by raising the bed, or opt for beds suspended high…

  • Decorate your Christmas tree well
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    Decorate your Christmas tree well

    At the end of the year, everyone is busy decorating his house and especially the decor of the tree. It is not so easy to decorate the tree and some rules are needed to create a beautiful harmony and make your Christmas tree the center of your holiday decoration. You can take inspiration from the themes of the decoration shops or still base yourself on the style of your interior, the main thing being to keep a certain coherence to not give in the kitsch or the overloaded. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/130182245452507633/ ) For traditional, you will choose decorations with red and green. For those who prefer the icy moods, you…

  • How to create a retro decor?
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    How to create a retro decor?

    Retro is trendy. For all those who indulge in nostalgia, the decorative objects of past times reinvest the house. But it is not enough to hunt old objects to adopt the retro look. To succeed your retro decor, some basic rules are needed. Have a light hand! The retro is nice, but the total look is not recommended not to pay in kitsch. You can find retro in many stores if you want reissue of antique furniture or decorative accessories. Otherwise, flea markets and fleas will make you happy. Feel free to negotiate prices! ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/484418503646968401/ ) The retro look spans several periods, or rather decades. The 40s are…

  • How to install a carpet?
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    How to install a carpet?

    Want a carpet? Yes, but for what use and which room? This element of decoration oh so warm and practical requires however to ask the right questions. Where will I install it and what will it be like? If you want to bring some warmth to your interior, the carpet is the decorative element to choose. It structures the space by delimiting it, brings comfort and aesthetics to your decor. It can meet different needs whether comfort, functionality or aesthetics. There are many shapes and many materials and colors to meet your desires. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/542331980107521959/ ) Depending on the room where you will install the carpet, it is necessary…