• Crush: Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg
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    Crush: Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg

    Love for the “Toga Chair” by the designer Reut Rosenberg. With its minimalist design, this simple frame chair with a PVC drape is a pretty design that is both soft and uncluttered. Heart stroke ! Reut Rosenberg is an Israeli industrial designer and graphic designer. She creates the “Toga Chair”, inspired by the aesthetics of the drape, and which consists of an oak frame and a PVC sheet, formed in a mold. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/289426713525700760/ ) To find out more about Reut Rosenberg: http://reutrosenberg.info/

  • Design curtains
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    Design curtains

    What is a design curtain? A curtain is not necessarily a large fabric hung on a metal structure. It is an object to delimit a room, hide the view of a window. The design curtain often mixes beauty, humor, simplicity and sometimes trompe l’oeil. It is found for all openings, of all types and for all media. The curtain design creates the atmosphere by its forms, colors or materials used. It is an object of decoration in its own right and explores multiple creative ideas. It is found everywhere, from the entrance to the bathroom as a shower curtain. Here is a selection of beautiful design curtains: , http://www.id-deco.fr/design/separation-piece.php ,…

  • Coup de coeur: the Flamenco Lamp
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    Coup de coeur: the Flamenco Lamp

    Inspired by the movement of the flamenco dancer’s flounced skirt, the Flamenca lamp creates a playful light. The sinuous shape of this lamp allows to reflect the light by creating effects on its two-tone acrylic structure. You turn on or off the lamp by touching it on the metal plate. When the metal plate is pressed, the lamp goes into “dance” mode and the lighting varies. The lamp brings a pleasant atmosphere and carries the emotion of the art of Flamenco. (Photo credits: http://www.qisdesign.com )

  • Crush: Phil Crook's Compact Sofa System
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    Crush: Phil Crook's Compact Sofa System

    Share Record +1 A beautiful example of furniture for an optimized space! At a time when our homes are becoming smaller, this modular sofa created by Phil Crook is an ingenious and graphic idea for a living room. Heart stroke ! With its system as a slide the two armchairs slip to separate from the sofa or vice versa. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/338403359473202155/ ) Learn more at

  • Crush: Shelves "scales" for your books by Chris Cush.
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    Crush: Shelves "scales" for your books by Chris Cush.

    Weigh your readings with this book scale by Chris Cush. This is a simple and ingenious concept that involves weighing the number of your readings. Heart stroke ! Stack your books read on one side and unread on the other side, or sort your books by genre with this innovative and fun bookshelf. A really creative idea and a beautiful achievement. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/190347521724438588/ ) Learn more at http://www.etsy.com/shop/cushdesignstudio and on http://www.etsy.com/en/listing/106900493/balance-des-noirs-bookshelf

  • Coup de coeur: an ironing board in a drawer
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    Coup de coeur: an ironing board in a drawer

    Often cumbersome, difficult to store or left in place in a dedicated room, the ironing table annoys us when not in use. Heart for this storage idea! Ideal for small spaces, this ironing board, integrated in a drawer is an ingenious idea. We open the drawer when used and it closes after use to easily hide and store our ironing board! Blow of heart for this beautiful idea! ) (source:

  • Coup de coeur: Lumio, a portable lamp that folds like a book
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    Coup de coeur: Lumio, a portable lamp that folds like a book

    Lumio is a portable lamp that opens and closes like a book. The presence of magnets allows to install it on any surface and its autonomy is 8 hours. Designed by architect Max Gunawan, inspired by the idea of ​​a modular home that could bend and enter a car, the Lumio lamp was born, simpler regarding its realization. Simple and intuitive, the lamp turns on automatically and turns off when you open and close the lid. A design with a flexible and durable spine helps control the brightness by adjusting the angle without switch or button. Like a laptop, Lumio can plug anywhere or be permanently installed. An integrated battery…