• When the landscape sculpts our interiors
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    When the landscape sculpts our interiors

    A favorite for this sculptor Tom Moberg, born in Austin, Texas, on April 13, 1945. A landscape sculptor, he integrates nature in an astonishing way into the interiors and designs with the seekers the future decor. Tom Moberg also realizes animals, landscapes, or buildings. Monochrome or in color, her sculptures are unique and bring nature into the heart of our habitat in a poetic and charming way. Heart stroke ! ) (Source: http://www.moberggallery.com )

  • The different types of chair: design and comfort, not always ...
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    The different types of chair: design and comfort, not always …

    The bridge chair Originating from the eighteenth century used around a gaming table, hence its name from the term bridge which means to bet. It is a particularly narrow chair, especially at the back of the seat, with a high backrest on top of which is a padded armrest hiding a box of chips to bet. The convenience chair Elegant term for the pierced chair. His seat consists of a chest with a lid, which hid either a chamber pot or a basin. The salt chair Chest with backrest or not, for the illegal storage of salt during the salt tax. In use from the thirteenth to the beginning of…

  • The chair plays the decor !
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    The chair plays the decor !

    The chair, essential element of the furniture of our houses comes in all styles, shapes, materials and designs. Purchased on a crush, simple, worked style or inherited from our grandmother, the chair can be decorated, refreshed, restored or transformed. Just as we have a cushion on a sofa, the chair also dresses and decorates. You can add chair cushions, covers, knots, or paint or change the upholstery. Here are some very pretty chairs decorated for the occasion or for every day: , http://www.artsephemeres.com , http://www.marieclaireidees.com , http://www.leparisien.fr , http://www.atelierdejojo.com , http://artdco.net , http://fr.123rf.com/photo_15521219_rangee-de-chaises-decorees-sur-un-mariage-en-plein-air.html , http://www.nafeusemagazine.com , http://berenicegabin.skyrock.com/3.html , http://www.artdeco.fr , http://www.antiquitestarn.com , http://www.puzzlepuzzles.net , http://www.meltyfood.fr , http://album.aufeminin.com/album/see_102247_50/Automne-j-arrive.html , http://www.blog-deco-maison.com/ ,…

  • Story of an object: the hairdresser
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    Story of an object: the hairdresser

    Small or big, girls love hairdressers. This piece of furniture considered a time as obsolete, is again charming, elegant, a true furniture of beauty. The hairdresser is back in fashion for our greatest pleasure. The term of hairdresser appears at the beginning of the 20th century to designate a furniture of feminine elegance. It consists of a flat surface, one or more mirrors and drawers in which the woman puts toiletries. The dressing table is an essential piece of furniture to prepare, make up, to perfume and to comb your hair. The ancestor of the dressing table is the dressing table which was the furniture of the second toilet, the…

  • Seed cover: a portable lawn in the cityscape!
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    Seed cover: a portable lawn in the cityscape!

    The “Blanket Seed”, intended to overcome the lack of green spaces in our urban landscapes, this “portable lawn” does not require any particular infrastructure or installation. The project was selected by the Spanish national judges of the James Dyson Prize 2012 competition. One of the major problems inherent to our urban landscapes is the lack of green spaces. “Blanket Seed” offers a solution to this problem. A portable lawn that requires no infrastructure and does not contain additives. Its flexibility and adaptability make it possible to take a wide variety of forms. The Seed Blanket is made from three materials: hemp that forms the outer surfaces, coconut fibers, which make…

  • Misappropriations: the chair reviewed and corrected
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    Misappropriations: the chair reviewed and corrected

    Functional, simple, worked, comfortable or rudimentary, the chair is an indispensable element of our interiors. A common object, it lends itself to all interpretations, styles and forms. I wanted today to share new approaches to this piece of furniture. Here, the chair is manipulated and its function sometimes diverted. Thus, artists have redesigned the object to create more surprising works than the others with a completely different vision of the chair. Here are their achievements: ) (Sources: http://www.designboom.com/history/stilllife.html )

  • Objects resting on the walls
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    Objects resting on the walls

    Share Record +1 If we all need some support sometimes, body or moral, the furniture uses the walls as support. , Stilt Shelf by Makers with Agendas) . (Photo source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/571183165211188565/ , Stilt Shelf by Makers with Agendas) . Lighter, intriguing as for its balance, conceived with less material and taking less space, the furniture with the design seeming wobbly makes fury among the designers. Here are some examples of beautiful achievements in support of the walls: ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/146789269079012044/ ) Learn more at: http://www.daphnalaurens.nl/“> ) (source: http://www.modernistcat.com“> ) (source: http://www.kenyonyeh.com/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/185351340885163848/“> Learn more: http://www.arco.nl/“> ) (source: http://www.bernhard-burkard.com/“> ) (source: http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/best-of-salone-satellite-2013/“> ) (source: http://www.lamamba.es/“>

  • Mirror, my beautiful mirror ...
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    Mirror, my beautiful mirror …

    Definition A mirror is an object with a sufficiently polished surface for an image to reflect. Origin of the mirror The first mirrors are certainly bodies of water or water collected in containers. Then, the first manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone like obsidian, a natural volcanic glass. The more reflective mirrors in polished metal surfaces were then designed: polished copper mirrors, polished bronze mirrors made in China. Sponges were attached to the metal alloy mirror, which oxidized rapidly, as well as a pumice stone to repolish them. The glass mirror with a sheet of metal will then appear, then the alloy mirror of tin and copper, then silver,…

  • Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington
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    Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington

    This tactile puzzle was designed by Jacqueline Tollington, a Canadian multidisciplinary designer, as a mapping aid for the visually impaired. The surface of the puzzle is a transcript of a topographic relief of city, region or country. These puzzles can be made on demand, whatever the desired relief, according to a laser cutting process. When the puzzle is over, visually impaired players have the opportunity to better represent the geographic location of their choice. This concept is still in draft form and is not yet commercialized. Very nice idea turned to a humanist design. (Photos credit: Jacqueline Tollington http://www.coroflot.com/jtollington )