• Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington
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    Humanistic Design: A Puzzle for the Blind by Jacqueline Tollington

    This tactile puzzle was designed by Jacqueline Tollington, a Canadian multidisciplinary designer, as a mapping aid for the visually impaired. The surface of the puzzle is a transcript of a topographic relief of city, region or country. These puzzles can be made on demand, whatever the desired relief, according to a laser cutting process. When the puzzle is over, visually impaired players have the opportunity to better represent the geographic location of their choice. This concept is still in draft form and is not yet commercialized. Very nice idea turned to a humanist design. (Photos credit: Jacqueline Tollington http://www.coroflot.com/jtollington )

  • Heart-felt for a magnificent line of innovative faucets: Axor Starck Organic

    Heart-felt for a magnificent line of innovative faucets: Axor Starck Organic

    Coming from the collaboration between Philippe Starck, Axor and Hansgrohe, the collection is the result of a real challenge in terms of technology and tends to be part of a sustainable development approach. The performances are remarkable with a consumption of 3.5 liters of water per minute only. Its organic design with curved lines allows us to enjoy a production of a multitude of drops of water. The temperature setting of the water is separated, and the cold water is symbolized by green, instead of the usual blue. The handles, which can be installed in several positions, are integrated directly into the faucet body, offering pure lines. Finally, an innovative…

  • Favorite: Auslaufmodel, an amazing chair by Alexander Nettesheim
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    Favorite: Auslaufmodel, an amazing chair by Alexander Nettesheim

    We love this Alexander Nettesheim chair that arouses curiosity and humor. Auslaufmodel is a piece of furniture that seems under construction, with a flowing foot in appearance. This seat seems to lack stability and could perhaps stain our clothes when sitting on it! The seat encourages however to try and touch it and stirs our curiosity. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/435652963926635736/ ) To find out more: http://www.alexander-nettesheim.com/en/portfolio/auslaufmodel/

  • Favorite: Chandeliers with bicycles
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    Favorite: Chandeliers with bicycles

    CONNECT is a series of chandeliers inspired by punk culture, DIY and cycling, with an aesthetic rooted in the Victorian era. The designer: Caroline LA Alzaga Fontoura. These works are made to measure, made by hand. They evoke a strong industrial look and invite the viewer to explore them closer to admire the smallest details and their accuracy. Around the theme of sustainability, recycling and the environment, this artist has chosen materials closely linked to urban culture to encourage us to reflect on the beautiful and the functional. Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, photo © Alan J. Crossley photo © Carolina Fontoura Alzaga photo © Alan J. Crossley Carolina Fontoura Alzaga //…

  • Favorite: furniture in "chain"
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    Favorite: furniture in "chain"

    Blow of heart for furniture made by Bob Campbell as STIG with chains. Very inspired, surprising and beautiful furniture with recycled materials. Heart stroke ! Not oak but made with chains, this furniture is made by Bob Campbell as sculptures. This industrial artist, or metal designer, uses recycled materials where he integrates leather, wood and other materials. Heart stroke ! ) (source: https://www.facebook.com/StigArt ) Learn more about the artist: http://www.stig-art.co.uk/

  • Crush: Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg
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    Crush: Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg

    Love for the “Toga Chair” by the designer Reut Rosenberg. With its minimalist design, this simple frame chair with a PVC drape is a pretty design that is both soft and uncluttered. Heart stroke ! Reut Rosenberg is an Israeli industrial designer and graphic designer. She creates the “Toga Chair”, inspired by the aesthetics of the drape, and which consists of an oak frame and a PVC sheet, formed in a mold. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/289426713525700760/ ) To find out more about Reut Rosenberg: http://reutrosenberg.info/

  • Coup de coeur: the Flamenco Lamp
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    Coup de coeur: the Flamenco Lamp

    Inspired by the movement of the flamenco dancer’s flounced skirt, the Flamenca lamp creates a playful light. The sinuous shape of this lamp allows to reflect the light by creating effects on its two-tone acrylic structure. You turn on or off the lamp by touching it on the metal plate. When the metal plate is pressed, the lamp goes into “dance” mode and the lighting varies. The lamp brings a pleasant atmosphere and carries the emotion of the art of Flamenco. (Photo credits: http://www.qisdesign.com )

  • Concrete hotel rooms!

    Concrete hotel rooms!

    If you find that all hotel rooms are all alike and you would like to find yourself in an unusual place, different … So opt for the concrete rooms! Unexpected, original, they will not fail to surprise you. Andreas Strauss, an Austrian designer, had the crazy idea of ​​transforming concrete pipes into hotel rooms. The designer ensures that sleep quality is greatly improved in these places, as concrete is an excellent thermal and sound insulator. If these rooms located in Ottensheim in Austria (Das Park Hotel) are unusual in their design, they also have the distinction of allowing customers to set the price of their stay, with a minimum all…