• A gold decoration: ideas of interiors
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    A gold decoration: ideas of interiors

    Want a bright, chic, rich interior? Gold adorns the interiors of light and wealth. For all rooms of the house, gold or walleye will create an atmosphere worthy of kings. If you like clicking or bling bling, bring the walleye into your home! Gold goes very well with black to create a very chic chic effect. It can also be associated with white for a lighter atmosphere, but also with other colors such as blue for example. If you do not want to play the total look card, you can put gold in small touches, lampshades, lights or decorative accessories. I have voluntarily chosen to show you some very marked…

  • Golden kitchens!
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    Golden kitchens!

    Share 2K 2K +1 Want to chic in your kitchen? Opt for the gold color! Chic, elegant, brilliant, your kitchen will sparkle with a thousand lights. With black or white, with wood, with touches or in large quantities, gold will sparkle your kitchen. It’s up to you to shine for your meals! Gold can be used by keys or then in excess. It all depends on the style you want. It combines elegantly with black and chic with white. It is found on the credence, on the furniture, the lights, the taps. The kitchen takes on its finest features to create a brilliant place. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/486599934714106886/ ) ) (source:…