• Industrial decoration
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    Industrial decoration

    The industrial style is characterized by vintage decorations inherited from the factories of the 1950s allied to the contemporary style. The industrial decoration creates a sense of timelessness with an impression of lived in our interiors. Its furniture is functional, solid, simple and sober. The industrial style also fits perfectly with the more classic interiors. Often present in lofts, industrial style can be created from concrete furniture, zinc letters and metal furniture. The chosen colors will be dark shades like gray, black or khaki bringing out the metal. You can add light colors to soften the whole or tone your decor with more vibrant colors such as red or orange.…

  • Industrial style in our interiors
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    Industrial style in our interiors

    The industrial style was once reserved for lofts, which preserved the vestiges of the use of industrial buildings in large spaces. There could be wooden, concrete or metal craft furniture, metal structures or metal furniture such as shelves, mezzanines, and all kinds of industrial objects left as they were on the spot. With the craze for lofts, architects and decorators have used this new style, choice and taste, but also because it was complicated to dismantle all its facilities. They therefore valued these objects by integrating them into the decor. The industrial style began to appear in the 80s in Europe and seems to persist in interior design. The industrial…

  • Industrial style in the kitchen
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    Industrial style in the kitchen

    Share 6 6 +1 Want a kitchen with an original style in an industrial atmosphere? Opt for contemporary decors associated with vintage style. Raw wood, concrete, steel and zinc will invite you into the kitchen with solid, functional and sober furniture. Timeless, the industrial style is available for all tastes and desires. Concrete and metal will be allies of choice to create the mood among dark colors. Some touches of color can bring a little joy but sparingly. Shelves, furniture, glass, …, will be all assets to create an industrial style decor to achieve a kitchen like no other. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/372602569146280492/ ) ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/96405248248182202/“> ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/180144053822016418/“> )…

  • How to give style to your office
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    How to give style to your office

    If the office is primarily a workspace, it is nevertheless necessary to bring a decorative touch. The atmosphere is important to work well. To each his style whether you are modern, retro, Scandinavian, minimalist or classic! Here are three ideas: Lightness, functionality and Nordic aesthetics. Light wood will be the material to use, pastel tones and light colors. Some graphic elements can complement the decor while keeping in mind not to overload. But the Scandinavian style can be very decorative out of the box with black and metal. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/369858188122244308/ ) ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/308918855667085211/“> Few furniture, no mess and pictures for the decor. You can choose a piece of…

  • Industrial style rooms
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    Industrial style rooms

    If you like the industrial style, you can also use it in the bedroom. If it is suitable for contemporary decor especially in the living room, it can now adapt to all parts of the house. Popular, timeless, modern, chic, urban, the industrial style is married with many materials and decorative objects. You can opt for the total look or add some touches mixed with vintage, classic, bohemian, … Often considered “masculine”, this style can also be feminized by choosing color tones as well as more feminine accessories. Thus, the industrialist enters the room, mixing walls of brick, metal and glass. For the pleasure of the eyes but also for…

  • When the industrial style meets the vintage
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    When the industrial style meets the vintage

    11 Share 11 874 Register 874 +1 We mix industrial style and vintage! A tasty decoction between the furniture formerly intended for the workers, the raw materials and the old furniture, the styles marry perfectly to create unusual interiors where the decorations are aesthetic and practical. We travel in time and the 30s come to settle in your house as in the industrial era where furniture is both practical and resistant. Raw materials such as wood and metal are kings and spaces are devoid of frills to be functional without forgetting the aesthetics. The furniture is borrowed from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on a background of exposed or damaged…

  • Industrial style in the bathroom
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    Industrial style in the bathroom

    Share 33 33 +1 Create an industrial style in your bathroom! Original, at once surprising, raw, practical, the industrial atmosphere is also aesthetic. The industrial style is primarily the use of raw materials, objects recovered from factories or workshops transformed for a different use, strength. All accessories can be reinvented to make your bathroom an original, functional place and an exceptional room. The copper pipes become luminaires, the closet handles are made of metal, the washbasins are in raw concrete and the taps are visible. All these objects arranged with care and harmony can become true object of decoration while ensuring an essential function. The bathrooms are beautiful in an…