• Creation of a concrete coffee table
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    Creation of a concrete coffee table

    Raw material par excellence, concrete is difficult to work for the realization of object and is even more when it comes to furniture. However, I decided to make a pretty coffee table both solid and aesthetic. I like concrete. Raw material, solid and durable, it is also the way to create from experienced mixtures, tasty precision dosage between sand, cement and water. The fineness of the sand is also important as well as the amount of water needed, neither top nor not enough. I wanted to make a coffee table both practical and aesthetic by encrusting slate. After a drawing at my lift, I started to build a mold so…

  • Favorite: A drawer chair
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    Favorite: A drawer chair

    Share 9 9 +1 Blow of heart for the drawer chair! An original idea and improbable for a seat but practical and amazing! The idea can question. Why would a chair need a drawer? The concept is interesting because it allows you to store small objects needed in a room wherever you install the seat. A book and pencils in the living room, a sewing kit in your room or a manicure set in your bathroom. Functional and practical, it is very simple and has its drawer. (source: https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/853432198106396330/ ) (It was published by Usona but seems to be no longer available ( http://www.usonahome.com/ ), too bad … Another Spigoli…

  • Blow of heart for Warren Platner chairs
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    Blow of heart for Warren Platner chairs

    Organic and metallic, the chairs created by Warren Platner are both soft, light and comfortable and despite their vintage character, they fit perfectly into our contemporary interiors. In collaboration with Knoll in the 1960s, American architect Warren Platner created a line of furniture designed with steel cables. True modern icons of the time, its seats both organic and metallic are all light, with organic forms. Some can be combined with cushions for optimal comfort. If today they are vintage, they will take their place in the most modern contemporary interiors by associating with today’s materials. It is a blow of heart and a small step back to put back the…