• The library in all its forms: Invent yours!
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    The library in all its forms: Invent yours!

    Reading is an exciting activity. We read and accumulate the books. What to do with all those books that we would like to highlight, re-read or admire? Here is a selection of libraries all different from each other, and ideas for storing your books: Simple to set up, they house books and decorations. They also dress the walls. For the followers of the vertical ranking! If you have little space, magazines and magazines can pile up and create a decor by their mere presence. For those who accumulate works. By installing shelves staggered, we can create a wall of books and why not by creating forms? In a corridor, or…

  • Blow of heart: a minimalist library
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    Blow of heart: a minimalist library

    We love this minimalist library created by Said The King, a shop and a Canadian studio based in Toronto. Foreword is a creation between shelf and minimalist library where the book is highlighted. This shelf / bookcase, entirely made of wood, is fixed on the wall, alone or in modules with the inclination of your choice. The book creates the decor, right or at an angle. A way to combine the useful with the beautiful to create all kinds of decorations with your books. Heart stroke ! ) (source: http://www.saidtheking.com/collections/frontpage/products/foreword-shelf-said-the-king )

  • Back to school 2014: Ideas to install your books!
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    Back to school 2014: Ideas to install your books!

    Whether large or small, pocket, collectible, bound or even school books, the books open of course as and readings, but also must be stored in the best of the world in order to seize at first glance. ) Rien de mieux qu’une bonne bibliothèque bien pensée, jolie et pratique ! (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/169729479680785704/ ) Nothing better than a good library well thought out, pretty and practical! Whether you prefer classic bookshelf, shelves, or rather “vertical ranking”, there are many possibilities to install your books. In every room of the house, in an original way, graphic or simply in the world, there is something for all tastes and uses: ) (source:…