• A pebble lounge
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    A pebble lounge

    Atmosphere “pebbles” for this living room all in roundness and grayscale. The floor is covered with a gray carpet on which was placed a design carpet representing pebbles. The walls have been painted in bluish gray and the ceiling is white. The window was dressed with two pairs of curtains, the first bluish gray and the second, white with patterns. The sofa was chosen in rounded corner, anthracite with patterned black cushions. “Pebble” cushions were placed in several parts of the room, on the floor and on the sofa, gray and white for contrast. Finally, a chandelier design “pebbles” illuminates the room and completes the decor.

  • A lounge inspired by barcodes
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    A lounge inspired by barcodes

    Vitamin colors for this lounge inspired by barcodes. The sofa was chosen very colorful, a bit like a patchwork. The colored vertical lines are reminiscent of the barcode table installed on the wall. To match the colors of the sofa, a star-shaped chandelier, colored glass, was installed in the center. For the finishing touch, colorful bottles were placed on the wooden coffee table and serve as vases.

  • A living room decorated way Middle Ages
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    A living room decorated way Middle Ages

    Middle Ages Salon Middle age atmosphere for this living room all in stone. The floor is covered with brown tiles on which has been arranged a carpet in shades of red. Two leather armchairs were arranged near the fireplace. A carved wooden mirror was installed in the center of the two armchairs on the stone wall. Two false deer heads were hung on the wall symmetrically, as well as a wrought iron sconce. A large wrought iron chandelier reminiscent of candles was installed in the center of the room. A life-size armor accentuates the “Middle Age” side of the piece. Finally, a metal coffee table hosts a golden cup that…

  • A minimalist lounge all round in white and red tones
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    A minimalist lounge all round in white and red tones

    White and red living room The floor and the walls The floor is covered with dark parquet and the walls are painted white. Some lines of the room were painted red to accentuate the geometry of the place. The doors have been completely redesigned with the construction of an advanced wooden, as if they were cabinets arranged in the room. They were also painted white. Furniture and accessories The TV stand consists of pink shelves and the television was hung on the wall. The furniture, all round, was chosen white lacquered and rests on a round rug, white also. Some red spikes were made with the curtains, cushions and decorative…

  • A black and white zebra inspired lounge
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    A black and white zebra inspired lounge

    Zebra Salon Black and white atmosphere with striped patterns for this living room whose decoration was inspired by the zebra table. The floor is covered with a very dark bamboo flooring on which was arranged a black and white zebra patterned carpet. The door was removed in favor of a curtain of threads. A black and white leather corner sofa and two armchairs form the living room furniture, with a small coffee table in white lacquered mdf. Black lines were painted on the ceiling to accentuate the geometry of the room and white and black cubic lockers, arranged on top of each other, create a showcase cabinet or a bookcase.…

  • A chic lounge in yellow and black
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    A chic lounge in yellow and black

    Yellow and black salon Chic atmosphere for this living room, very design, exclusively in yellow and black. The floor is covered with dark oak flooring. The ceiling has been painted white. The walls were painted yellow, while the wall containing the fireplace was dressed in a deep black frame, leaving the yellow wall appear high. A black bookcase was installed in the recess between the fireplace and the window. The latter was dressed in light yellow and dark yellow sheers to create a slight contrast. A black and gold four-part canvas has been hung on the wall. It creates a graphic effect in the room and comes to recall the…

  • Moroccan chic in your living room
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    Moroccan chic in your living room

    To remember your trip to Morocco, to find a touch of exoticism, warm colors, materials rich in textures, traditional objects, integrate the Moroccan chic in your living room. (source photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/407153622532563790/ ) Without doing too much not to adopt the “too much” style, take inspiration from the Moroccan design, mixed with the contemporary style of our country. Evoking the sun, Moorish influences, traditional textiles, the Moroccan style is rich and history. That’s why it fits perfectly with more sober and more contemporary decorations. But the Moroccan style is not the accumulation of exotic objects that we have next to each other. The objects, materials or patterns must be brought sparingly,…

  • Storage around the sofa
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    Storage around the sofa

    Share 551 551 +1 If the living room is a space where you rest, you read, you watch television, it is often difficult to dispose of books or other objects nearby. It is sometimes necessary to use a little ingenuity and imagination to create storage spaces both practical and aesthetic that fit the decor and style of your living room. There are many storage solutions suitable for all lifestyles for all tastes. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/413275703279493367/ ) In one piece with the sofa, the storage is an integral part of the furniture where shelves and sofa are one. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/4503668349673719/“> Under the seat of the sofa, a beautiful space to…

  • How to light the living room?
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    How to light the living room?

    The living room is a living space. It is therefore essential to think light well so that each activity is properly lit. The living room is also a friendly room. It is therefore important to ensure that the light creates a warm atmosphere. The living room is a living room where it is necessary to look after the lighting. In the living room, we receive, we read, we discuss, we rest, we watch television, … We will install ideally a general light, rather diffuse and other bright spots for each activity. In all, we can provide between five and ten different light sources, depending on the surface you have. To…

  • Colorful salons!
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    Colorful salons!

    Are you tired of your neutral, well-behaved salon that seems a little sad? You want to break with gray, black or brown for your sofa, dare color! Not only reserved for large spaces or the most extravagant minds, the living room has its most beautiful colors to illuminate your living spaces. Dare is not only the preserve of the most talented decorators or creators. You too can dare the color. Your sofa or your living room will become chic and just as timeless as the neutral colors, while bringing a touch of cheerfulness and brightness in your living room. You doubt it? Here are some ideas: , en savoir plus…