• Hobbiton: the hobbits village in New Zealand
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    Hobbiton: the hobbits village in New Zealand

    Hidden in the heart of a green valley, hides the place where one can still admire a decoration of the Lord of Rings. It’s Hobbiton, the hobbits village. In Matamata, the nearest town, a sign “Welcome to Hobbiton” welcomes you before discovering this extraordinary place. In the middle of the hills, the landscape seems to have been drawn by Tolkien himself. A journey to the heart of the fantastic epic of Bilbo the hobbit. , http://collider.com ) (sources: http://www.hobbitontours.com , http://collider.com )

  • A baroque restaurant
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    A baroque restaurant

    Baroque Restaurant Decor in black and white in a baroque style for a restaurant that is very trendy. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with gray tiles. The ceiling has been repainted white while the walls have been renovated to reveal the stone. Furniture and accessories The tables are black wood and the chairs are imitation leather padded. Original sconces made of feathers were hung on the stone walls. Wall decorations in white painted carved wood stand upright on the walls to bring a sense of height to the dining room. Another black color was placed on the ceiling. Finally, large baroque style chandeliers, openwork, come to…