• Rocking chair: it rocks at home!
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    Rocking chair: it rocks at home!

    Rocking chair comes back Traditional, contemporary or design, it is installed in all rooms for our greatest pleasure. Sober, colorful, of all shapes and at all prices, the Rocking Chair will be the ideal chair to relax and swing at your leisure. Comfortable and playful, this armchair now reissued or revisited will make you enjoy good moments of relaxation and swing at your own pace to make you appreciate the present moment. It rocks at home! Here is a selection of rocking chairs Chairs seen on pinterest, beautiful and original: , http://pinterest.com/pin/382946774534832259/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/305400418451193779/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/120752833731502554/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/385057836860512642/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/387239267929716648/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/55591376622583084/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/29414203786506280/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/329536897703877760/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/465278205222954627/ , http://pinterest.com/pin/545850417306184082/…

  • Blow of heart: a concrete rocking chair!
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    Blow of heart: a concrete rocking chair!

    An original idea and design for a contemporary rocking chair made entirely of concrete. ) est subtilement incurvé, moulé avec du béton et posé à même le sol. The “concrete rocking chair” designed by the German studio metrofarm ( http://www.metrofarm.net/ ) is subtly curved, molded with concrete and laid on the floor. Simple, solid and beautiful, blow of heart! ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/5207355792300972/ )