• Today, I redo the decoration: a stay revisited with Maisons du monde
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    Today, I redo the decoration: a stay revisited with Maisons du monde

    How to transform a holiday with a beautiful volume in a cozy and welcoming stay? Few decorations, aging furniture, no idea to refurnish … I chose to go to Maisons du monde to redecorate this stay, furniture and accessories included. The main theme asked: wood, white and beige Purpose of the operation: warm up the atmosphere! Deco board: Selection of furniture and accessories: Library ATELIER Day bed ATELIER Oak Footstool CHÂTEAU Double wall mirror Epernay Rideau Tendresse STOCKHOLM dinner table White PVC armchair LOUNGE Beige drum suspension Duchesse floor lamp Delise White carpet 200 × 300 St. John’s clock Coffee table GARE DU NORD Lantern Newport (Photo credits : http:…

  • The wood dresses the bathroom!
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    The wood dresses the bathroom!

    Share 1 1 +1 If you’re looking for warmth and nature in your bathroom, wood is the perfect material to create warm and pleasant decorations. ) . Whether you like old style, design or nature, the wood is available and fits all desires for dream bathrooms (source photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/558376053769983217/ ) . Here is a selection of beautiful bathrooms all dressed in wood: ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/190066046745464713/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/505810601869567699/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/289989663475989389/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/136585801170247974/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/158470480608963618/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/425942077227686972/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/33988172160140296/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/559783428653347071/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/14003448812776415/ )

  • The office is nomadic
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    The office is nomadic

    If you want to space, or even change places according to your mood, inside and outside, the office is nomadic. It moves, hides and transforms to hide itself once the work is done. Here are some ideas: Available at any time, from your sofa, this small desk on wheels moves wherever you want. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/195202965068784436/ ) Transportable on a bike, this office can be installed outside in your garden or during your outings. A nice way to combine work and the discovery of nature. ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/501236633498777268/ ) ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/303218987381831857/ ) It moves according to your desires, like a wheelbarrow. It has two wooden handles and a bike…

  • The library in all its forms: Invent yours!
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    The library in all its forms: Invent yours!

    Reading is an exciting activity. We read and accumulate the books. What to do with all those books that we would like to highlight, re-read or admire? Here is a selection of libraries all different from each other, and ideas for storing your books: Simple to set up, they house books and decorations. They also dress the walls. For the followers of the vertical ranking! If you have little space, magazines and magazines can pile up and create a decor by their mere presence. For those who accumulate works. By installing shelves staggered, we can create a wall of books and why not by creating forms? In a corridor, or…

  • The balcony is chic!
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    The balcony is chic!

    Share 2 2 +1 Nice month of May, the beautiful days are here! To enjoy the sun, comfortably installed outside, the balcony is chic whether large or small. Colorful, refined, refined, design, chic, nature … all ideas are allowed to make this space pleasant and harmonious. ) Voici quelques idées pour décorer vos balcons : (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/331155378821593525/ ) Here are some ideas for decorating your balconies: ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/531565562238194251/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/574279389954871241/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/489696159453433716/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/497788565032703188/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/73183562669328368/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/375206212677585909/“> To your ideas!

  • The art of home staging
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    The art of home staging

    The principles of home staging What is Home Staging? Home Staging is a real estate valuation technique that allows you to sell quickly at lower prices. Why Home Staging? The sale is faster. Weaknesses are minimized and the property is located in the highest offers on the market, regardless of its value. Technique of development, it gives a new breath of life to your house and values ​​it. What are the principles of home staging? 1- Create an atmosphere It is often enough to repaint a room to create a new atmosphere. Curtains must be taken into account to enhance the space. Light is very important, so be sure to…

  • Plum lounge
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    Plum lounge

    Plum and baroque atmosphere for this show where the tones of black and purple rub shoulders. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with black varnished floating floors and the walls have been painted gray. The ceiling, cornices and baseboards were painted white to emphasize the whole. Furniture and accessories The furniture consists of two plum padded velvet sofas, a mauve colored glass coffee table, a large plum carpet and satin curtains in the same colors. Purple frames were installed on the wall containing the window, empty to reveal the wall behind. A large black mirror, surrounded by plum floral stickers was installed above the sofa. Finally, a…

  • The balcony, a little corner of paradise
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    The balcony, a little corner of paradise

    It is easier to develop large spaces, a large terrace or a large garden. However, when living in the city, the task is more delicate. A well-appointed balcony can create a true paradise in the heart of the urban landscape. As for the interiors, the balconies are arranged and decorated. Real living room and more, the balcony allows to dine, to relax or to receive friends. Even if your balcony is small, you can completely turn this space into a pleasant corner where you can enjoy the outdoors. It is essential to identify spaces if your balcony is large enough. You can install a step to access the balcony, create…

  • The appliance is no longer hiding: electro makeover for your kitchen!
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    The appliance is no longer hiding: electro makeover for your kitchen!

    Useful and absolutely essential, the household appliances are redrawing to participate in the decor of your kitchen. Of all shapes, all colors or all styles, you can find your happiness to brighten your kitchen while keeping it functional and practical. Here is a small selection of appliances to inspire you: In photo: Multicolored refrigerator-freezer, “50s”, 1880 euros, Smeg. In photo: Microwave ovens 13 liters, three tones Cosmopolitan Pink, Oriental Magenta and Nocturnal Blue, “Max mood”, 200 euros, Whirlpool. The black dryer of “the man in white” Photo: Brandt Olive green stove Photo: Lacanche Fourneau 150 cm, “Citeaux vert olive”, 10 665 euros, Lacanche. Fridge-freezer in vintage design Photo: Gorenje Fridge-freezer,…

  • The corridor comes out of the dark!
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    The corridor comes out of the dark!

    Share Record +1 A passage area that is often long and narrow, the corridor is often poorly landscaped and decorated. This space, however, is a transition between two pieces, so why not decorate it to make it alive? ) . (Photo source: http://pinterest.com/pin/51369251970846669/ ) . The hallway can be decorated even if it is narrow. If you can not have furniture, you can play on the colors, the graphics and the lines of the place. ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/129971139218444250/ ) Here are some ideas of corridors redesigned to create a real convivial place where it is good to pass: ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/261842165808232549/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/14847873741041934/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/261842165808232544/ )…