• A room lit by lantern
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    A room lit by lantern

    Lantern lit room Original decoration for this room lit by hanging lanterns. The floor is covered with a brown carpet on which has been arranged a white carpet in the form of cloud. The bed is in white painted wood and a canopy was created with silk curtains. The headboard consists of old louvered shutters, restored and fixed on the wall. An original chandelier, made of white bows, goes down to the center of the bed. Finally, on each side of the bed, electrified lanterns were suspended, creating a symmetry and an original decor. A chic and romantic room.

  • A bamboo room
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    A bamboo room

    Bamboo atmosphere for this colorful and natural room. The floor is covered with a cream tile on which has been arranged a black and red carpet. The walls were upholstered with cream wallpaper, two black and red stripes arranged vertically on each side of the bed, and another with bamboo motifs to form the headboard. The curtains that dress the window were chosen with patterns reminiscent of those of the wallpaper. The furniture is entirely bamboo handcrafted with round shapes. A tree was placed in the room near the window and two “birdcage” chandeliers were installed along the wall of the headboard. An original room all bamboo!

  • A minimalist lounge all round in white and red tones
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    A minimalist lounge all round in white and red tones

    White and red living room The floor and the walls The floor is covered with dark parquet and the walls are painted white. Some lines of the room were painted red to accentuate the geometry of the place. The doors have been completely redesigned with the construction of an advanced wooden, as if they were cabinets arranged in the room. They were also painted white. Furniture and accessories The TV stand consists of pink shelves and the television was hung on the wall. The furniture, all round, was chosen white lacquered and rests on a round rug, white also. Some red spikes were made with the curtains, cushions and decorative…

  • Baroque dining room
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    Baroque dining room

    Baroque dining room A chic dining room of baroque inspiration. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with a black resin on which has been arranged a large silver gray carpet. The walls have been painted in beige to bring a softer shade. Furniture and accessories The windows were dressed with large silver curtains. The dining room table is in glass with a padded foot. The chairs were chosen in padded black velvet. A black baroque console has been installed on the opposite wall. Behind, a padded wallpaper creates a vertical line and gives an impression of height to the room. Finally, a white feather chandelier was installed…

  • Another vision of the bathroom: a sculptural sink inspired by waterfalls
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    Another vision of the bathroom: a sculptural sink inspired by waterfalls

    This white Abisko washbasin lets water flow to a floor drain along a path. This Eumar design was inspired by Swedish waterfalls and slice intentionally with the standards of conventional plumbing. Sculptural, this modern and attractive sink offers a new approach to the bathroom. Element of decoration in itself, it can land anywhere. Original and simply different, a waterfall in the bathroom. (Source: http://www.washbasinfactory.com )

  • A black and white zebra inspired lounge
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    A black and white zebra inspired lounge

    Zebra Salon Black and white atmosphere with striped patterns for this living room whose decoration was inspired by the zebra table. The floor is covered with a very dark bamboo flooring on which was arranged a black and white zebra patterned carpet. The door was removed in favor of a curtain of threads. A black and white leather corner sofa and two armchairs form the living room furniture, with a small coffee table in white lacquered mdf. Black lines were painted on the ceiling to accentuate the geometry of the room and white and black cubic lockers, arranged on top of each other, create a showcase cabinet or a bookcase.…

  • Beautiful summer kitchens
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    Beautiful summer kitchens

    Forms and materials (teak, stainless steel and vitrified tiles) will make your summer kitchen the star of summer. Cooking outside, in summer as in winter will be a pleasure. Preparing meals in a traditional indoor kitchen will be a gesture now reserved for rainy days. You can enjoy your garden or terrace, cooking outside with your friends. Mounted on wheels, your summer kitchen will fit easily. You can use it outside in summer and indoors in winter. The summer kitchen is functional. It is chic and playful, full of charm for privileged moments outside. Here are some beautiful summer kitchens: , http://www.vacances-location.net , http://www.maison-deco.com , ) (Source: http://www.diynetwork.com , http://www.vacances-location.net…

  • Before / after: Renovating a bathroom in a contemporary style
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    Before / after: Renovating a bathroom in a contemporary style

    Contemporary bathroom A natural and refined style for a resolutely contemporary style. The bathroom has been totally redesigned. The bathtub was removed in favor of a walk-in shower and the washbasin layout was changed. The spaces have been completely redesigned to bring more space and to clear the velux which was inaccessible, the bathtub being in front. The floor and the walls The floor was dressed with anthracite tiles and the wall containing the vanity unit. The other walls were painted white (special bathroom paint) with horizontal stripes of pebbles. The shower wall was covered with brick-style tiles forming tighter horizontal lines. Furniture and accessories The shower area was installed…

  • A baroque restaurant
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    A baroque restaurant

    Baroque Restaurant Decor in black and white in a baroque style for a restaurant that is very trendy. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with gray tiles. The ceiling has been repainted white while the walls have been renovated to reveal the stone. Furniture and accessories The tables are black wood and the chairs are imitation leather padded. Original sconces made of feathers were hung on the stone walls. Wall decorations in white painted carved wood stand upright on the walls to bring a sense of height to the dining room. Another black color was placed on the ceiling. Finally, large baroque style chandeliers, openwork, come to…

  • 6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery
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    6 tips to decorate and decorate the nursery

    For children to feel at home, especially in their rooms, here are 6 tips for organizing, arranging and decorating their rooms. It is advisable to privilege the clear and not aggressive colors to favor the sleep of the child. Blue and green are particularly well suited for relaxation, or even yellow to promote work and reasoning. For your baby, the beds are small, but when the child gets older, it’s time to change. You can opt for a changing bed, remove the bars of the old bed, and when it becomes bigger, choose a bed of 140 cm so that it feels good. If you run out of space and…