• Dacha atmosphere: a style inspired by Russian second homes
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    Dacha atmosphere: a style inspired by Russian second homes

    Dacha atmosphere A “Dacha” atmosphere for this beautiful room in the countryside. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with a sheep wool carpet. The walls have been preserved as they are with exposed stones, as well as the ceiling that reveals its wooden structure. Furniture and accessories The bed is wooden with a carved wooden headboard. Two burnt wooden stools serve as bedsteads. A wooden armchair and a driftwood basket highlight the natural touch of wood. In the same way, the lights, floor lamps and suspensions, remain in the same spirit. A large leather rug strews the floor with two woolen cushions. A sheepskin was hung on…

  • Bob Marley Office
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    Bob Marley Office

    Bob Marley Office A chic office in the colors of Bob Marley. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with a bamboo floor on which has been arranged a multicolored carpet. The walls were upholstered with gray and white patterned wallpaper. Furniture and accessories The desk is in gray wood with black metal legs. The chair is black leather. An industrial-style desk lamp was installed on the desk with a touch of humor about Bob Marley’s ashtray. Photo frames of the artist were hung on the wall. Two multicolored original seats were arranged along the same wall. Finally, to complete the whole, a suspension with glass bottles of…

  • Colonial Room
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    Colonial Room

    Colonial Room Colonial atmosphere for this room with a beautiful surface. The floor and the walls The floor is covered with a white resin on which is arranged a very large carpet with zebra patterns. The walls and ceiling were also painted white to bring out the wooden beams and frames. Furniture and accessories The wooden canopy bed is the central element of the room. He is dressed in a very fluid white bed sky, like a mosquito net. White curtains were installed to maintain the brightness of the room. Two colonial-style wooden seats serve as bedsteads. The furniture, dresser, armchairs and pedestal stand in the same spirit and are…

  • Before / after: Decoration of a stay
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    Before / after: Decoration of a stay

    Decoration of a stay Decoration of a stay from existing furniture. The decor plays between hot and cold materials to put all the elements in value. The floor and the walls The tiling has been preserved. The walls and ceiling were painted white chalk while the wall parallel to the dining room table was repainted with a silver coating. Furniture and accessories The furniture has been preserved and reorganized. The wooden table is a monastery table and Henry II chairs come warm the whole. A large round silver metal mirror was placed above the Wenge furniture, on which were placed two wooden elephants and a large glass candle holder. On…

  • Before / after: Decoration of a dining room
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    Before / after: Decoration of a dining room

    Louis XVI dining room Changing mood and colors for this dining room Louis XVI style. The layout of the furniture has not been changed due to the small area of ​​the room. However, the furniture has been replaced. The square table became round and the color changed from yellow to red. The chosen fabrics are in red velvet. The curtains have been replaced in red too. The chandelier was chosen in crystal, enough to expand the room and highlight the table and chairs. A large white ledge has been installed running along the walls of the dining room. It hides the implementation of the curtains and draws a horizontal line…

  • An art deco room
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    An art deco room

    Atmosphere “art deco” for this room in red and black. The floor is covered with clear varnished parquet and the walls have been painted red. The window was dressed with black curtains. A large red and gray carpet was installed under the bed and was placed at an angle to create dynamism in the room. The bed is black wrought iron with red and white bed linen. The bedside table and the small piece of furniture are also in red and black metal. An art deco painting was installed on the wall and a bedside lamp was placed on the wall of the window. The lamp is raw concrete, hand…

  • A pebble lounge
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    A pebble lounge

    Atmosphere “pebbles” for this living room all in roundness and grayscale. The floor is covered with a gray carpet on which was placed a design carpet representing pebbles. The walls have been painted in bluish gray and the ceiling is white. The window was dressed with two pairs of curtains, the first bluish gray and the second, white with patterns. The sofa was chosen in rounded corner, anthracite with patterned black cushions. “Pebble” cushions were placed in several parts of the room, on the floor and on the sofa, gray and white for contrast. Finally, a chandelier design “pebbles” illuminates the room and completes the decor.

  • A very stylish blue bathroom
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    A very stylish blue bathroom

    Bathroom blue design Blue, white and gray for this very stylish bathroom. The floor is covered with a gray-water resistant parquet floor, on which rests an anthracite bathtub, placed on the floor. The walls were painted in dark gray, except the wall containing the bath which was painted in turquoise blue. The furniture is lacquered turquoise blue too, and few, to create a clean space. To bring some curves to the room, a design carpet was placed on the floor with multiple round shapes, always in shades of blue. Finally, three metal chandeliers illuminate the room. This designer bathroom, with a beautiful space, becomes a place of relaxation.

  • A lounge inspired by barcodes
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    A lounge inspired by barcodes

    Vitamin colors for this lounge inspired by barcodes. The sofa was chosen very colorful, a bit like a patchwork. The colored vertical lines are reminiscent of the barcode table installed on the wall. To match the colors of the sofa, a star-shaped chandelier, colored glass, was installed in the center. For the finishing touch, colorful bottles were placed on the wooden coffee table and serve as vases.

  • 10 tips to highlight your bed
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    10 tips to highlight your bed

    ) . You have redecorated your room, redone the paintings, put wallpaper and curtains, but your bed seems dull and empty (photo source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/22095854395068782/ ) . Here are 10 tips to put your bed in value: First of all, you have to make your bed comfortable and cozy. Feel free to install several cushions whether large or small, round, square or rectangular. Your bed will be much more welcoming! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/570549846512320001/ ) ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/196258496233342325/ ) You can choose your bed to suit your decor, or change to the rhythm of the seasons. There are all the colors and materials that you can combine according to the existing decoration…