• Scandinavian decoration
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    Scandinavian decoration

    Raw wood, light colors, natural or animal materials, all elements that characterize the Scandinavian style. Even if it dates from the 50s, this style so understated is always trend and invades our interiors. Appeared in the 30s with Finnish architects like Alvar Aalto or Danish like Arne Jacobsen, the Scandinavian style will really make its entrance in the decoration in the 50’s. With the alliance of light colors and in particular the white, raw and uncluttered wood , wool but also skins of animals, this style creates an atmosphere at once purified, warm and luminous. Today, the new Scandinavian design is based on values ​​such as durability, reliability and functionality…

  • Vintage dining rooms
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    Vintage dining rooms

    Share 4 4 +1 Give a vintage style to your dining room! Trend this style comes back with furniture reissued and revisited by major brands and designers to adapt to our contemporary interiors. If you have inherited antique furniture, do not throw it away. The dining room lends itself to hosting vintage chairs from the years in plastic, metal or wood, and can quite mix classical, modern or industrial style with vintage. Pretty white or colored plastic chairs will come alongside a monastery or cherry-style table, while the Thonet chair will return around a simple wooden table. The chairs in fabric and wood will complete the decor of a contemporary…

  • Japanese trendy decoration
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    Japanese trendy decoration

    Zen atmosphere, relaxation, relaxation, this is what inspired the Japanese style decoration. Very different from the Western style, it is often difficult to create a Japanese decor to adapt it to our interiors. With a few simple rules, you can realize your Japanese decoration in your interior. What characterizes the Japanese style is first and foremost a refocusing of life on the ground. Also, the furniture is placed on the floor, very low and very clean. The materials used are made of wood most of the time, with materials such as cotton, linen, rice paper, basically natural materials. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/424042121141964016/ ) The colors are rather neutral from white, through…

  • Bathrooms in oriental style
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    Bathrooms in oriental style

    Functional place, but also relaxing, the bathroom is decorated with care. Why not turn this place into an escape and travel space? The oriental style, with its colors and rich materials, will transform your bathroom into a real cocoon of well being. Atmosphere Thousand and One Nights, geometric shapes, screens, moucharabiehs, colors, materials, so many details that are important to decorate your bathroom according to the oriental style. Candles and other accessories will highlight the place to transport you a little elsewhere each morning. Tadelakt, mosaic, various coatings will come to dress floors and walls that you have chosen a rather clear atmosphere with a dominance of white or that…

  • Bohemian atmosphere in the room
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    Bohemian atmosphere in the room

    Inspired by the nomadic world, the Bohemian style transports you on a journey. It consists of natural materials, patterns and vibrant colors where carpets and drapes invite themselves into the decor. A true invitation to travel and relax, the bohemian style is perfect for rooms such as living room or bedroom. For the latter, rely on vibrant colors on walls as well as furniture, as well as bed linen. You can decorate with objects that you have brought back from your travels by arranging them on furniture. Embellish cushions, lamps and lanterns to create an intimate and festive atmosphere. ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AR92HNTLt5mcQz-614YMQFiRlWAtJrNjQ6M-9O49Zt5tPwviAz5aq9U/ ) Patterns can be mixed, from light floral…

  • Wooden kitchens, yes, but modern!
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    Wooden kitchens, yes, but modern!

    Share 778 Register 778 +1 When we say “wooden kitchen”, we often think rustic or other time, or old. However, the wood is back in the kitchen by opting for a modern look that can be associated with a contemporary style. Finish the rustic wooden kitchen of our grandmothers! Make way for the modern wooden kitchen! All dressed in wood, the kitchen has simple and clean lines where the wood is highlighted without molding or other artifices. The material is in the spotlight and the atmosphere is light and sober. Wood combines with paint and laminated materials, stone, metal or concrete for modern, functional and aesthetic kitchens. On the worktop,…

  • The art of minimalist decoration
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    The art of minimalist decoration

    Simple, uncluttered, unlike colorful styles, baroque or pop art, the minimalist style, as the name suggests, is minimal, in other words, simply brought back to basics. The furniture is functional and undecorated. They are discreet, not at all futile and integrate easily into a clean, simple and functional decor where space and storage take precedence. They sometimes become invisible as they merge into the decoration and allow storage to hide gadgets and other objects unsightly as best as possible with the dogma of a minimum footprint. Fine lines, sober colors and material, no frills and real and visual overload characterize the minimalist style. Ideal for all those who wish to…

  • Colonial style decoration
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    Colonial style decoration

    Share 298 298 +1 The colonial style, a mixture of styles from many countries is often also called ethnic style to break with the bad reputation of colonialist memory. With its characteristic exotic woods, the colonial style creates a warm atmosphere and invites to travel. With furniture from the colonial period, this style is an adaptation of Western life to different climates encountered in other countries. There are characteristic furniture such as the planter chair, rocking chairs or even beds with columns often provided with mosquito nets. The main material is wood such as mahogany, bamboo, teak, rosewood and other exotic species. Also known as ethnic style, the colonial style…

  • Steampunk trend in the decor
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    Steampunk trend in the decor

    Steampunk or retro-futurism, the decor sometimes dresses more amazing but made with style. Between industrial style, retro, based on the anticipation of literary novels of the genre, Steampunk invades the interiors for truly original sets. Originally a genre in literature, Steampunk is a style that is in the atmosphere of industrial society of the nineteenth century. It includes the steam engines of the time and the style extends to the Victorian era. ) (Victorian style, source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/471329917223971928/ ) Based on the industrial revolution, it is also inspired by fantasy and anticipation. Steampunk is now widespread in many other areas such as art, music, design or decoration, where objects of the…

  • Minimalism in decoration
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    Minimalism in decoration

    Minimalism is a style. Today trend, minimalism is particularly suitable for small spaces. But beware, minimalism does not mean without decoration and without taste! Simple decoration, light furniture and space saving perfectly define the minimalist style. To create a minimalist decor, three elements must be taken into account: The materials (stone, wood, fabric, all in lightness) Objects that must be primarily functional and allow storage The very light colors in pale hues, the decor being matched to the color of the walls. A minimalist decor is particularly suitable for small spaces with limited, functional furniture, with storage possibilities to let only the essentials. The furniture is low to give an…