• Blow of heart: vogue the boat ... a cradle in vogue!

    Blow of heart: vogue the boat … a cradle in vogue!

    Wonderfully scalable: this cradle at Wollnitz turns into a game when the child grows up. Suspended from the ceiling by a rope, or simply placed on the ground, this cradle beech wood without any solvent or adjuvant is amazingly simple. He surprises by his double use and also becomes a playful object. Only the smell of wood and the feeling of solidity remain. ) (Source: http://www.wollnitz.com )

  • A bright living room in red and black

    A bright living room in red and black

    A living room that plays with red and black. The bluish-gray walls surround a strongly contrasted decor. The furniture is red or black and enhanced by one or the other: the red sofa has black cushions and the console is decorated with red vases. Behind it, a large round mirror has been installed. Black curtains were hung from the windows, contrasting with a red table lamp placed behind the sofa. In the same spirit, two round rugs are placed on the floor, one red, the other black. For the final touch, two multi-lamp chandeliers, both colors, illuminate the room.

  • The deco idea of ​​Sunday: A snow-covered banister
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    The deco idea of ​​Sunday: A snow-covered banister

    To decorate your staircase in a fun and original way, turn your ramp into a gliding track. It’s the deco idea of ​​Sunday! An original idea that will delight children for Christmas. Turn your stair rail into a runway ramp. It’s the deco idea of ​​Sunday! ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/342484746635703317/ ) Good Sunday to you all !

  • English gardens
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    English gardens

    No lawn mowed to the ground, no well-ordered garden, but truly an English garden with abundant vegetation, borrowed from the wild nature. Discover it and reinvent it to enjoy it this summer but also this winter! Sweet, with winding paths, curves, a green lawn or even water here and there, the English garden is romantic and poetic and we like to walk there all year round. It is also a living space, full of life and colors. The green is predominant, with trees, shrubs and generous plants, where nature can remain in the wild without creating an impression of neglect. The garden lives all year. The borders and tiling blend…

  • Caning in the decor!
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    Caning in the decor!

    In vogue, starting from a desire for rattan or handmade, caning is also trendy and sublimates the furniture. Although this technique appeared in the eighteenth century, it is now back on the scene for the pleasure of the eyes. Art deco, the caning was on the seats and even the bed. Made of natural rattan, made of thin slats, it creates a graphic effect, composes the shape and solidity of the furniture while bringing both a tropical and art deco style. Today it is back in our interiors with an ethnic touch, chic. Caning is no longer limited to sitting or bed but is inviting on mirrors, buffets, lighting. Inspiring…

  • Original tiles for the terrace
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    Original tiles for the terrace

    Whether you have an outdoor terrace or a balcony, decorate your floors with tiled floors. Whether classic, deco, retro, .., there are all kinds, very graphic to transform your spaces in pleasant and aesthetic places. To spend the summer on your terrace, think of arranging well the place and also make sure to decorate the ground. Some opt for classic tiles designed for outdoor use with plain tiles, stone or pavers, but there are also colorful tiles and graphics to give life to your terrace. Cement tiles, colored tiles of all shapes, it’s up to you to draw your floors. Choose anti-slip floor tiles to avoid slipping, frost and weather…

  • The diversion of objects to the decoration service
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    The diversion of objects to the decoration service

    5 Share 5 tweet Record +1 For small budgets, for those who want a little decor in the summer without spending: think to divert the objects to transform them into decor! Ideas for little cost! To recover at the option of your walks, objects to keep and not to throw, the simple jar of glass yoghurt through everyday objects, pieces of cloth, everything is good for decoration. With a little imagination, a recovered spirit and a little time, you can create scenery as pretty as inexpensive. Because decoration is also creating from few things, and everything becomes possible! Some decorating ideas: (source: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/594053007071954125/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/261349584604692630/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/377669118729713616/ )…

  • Comfortable seating with hard materials
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    Comfortable seating with hard materials

    8 Share 8 tweet 1 Save 1 +1 We love this collection of chairs created by designer Annie Evelyn! These chairs are designed with hard materials like cement while restoring the comfort of a certain “mellowness” by their design. Heart stroke ! The designer Annie Evelyn of New Colony Furniture has made a line of upholstered chairs creating soft surfaces with hard materials. An amazing idea and a result for the least convincing! Heart stroke ! (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/167266573634372744/ ) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/468796642434020597/“> (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/515732594798614626/) (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/516084438519534024/“> See his website: