Design bedroom
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Design bedroom

Design bedroom Black and white striped decor for this very stylish room.

The floor and the walls

The floor is covered with an anthracite tiling on which is laid a large carpet with zebra patterns.
The walls have been painted in cream for a touch of softness. The baseboards, corners of walls and chopsticks were painted dark brown, almost black, to accentuate the lines of the room.

Furniture and accessories

A large black and white leather design bed was set up, surrounded by two leather bedside tables on which two zebra patterned lamps were placed.
The acrylic painting on canvas is also in black and white and was installed above the headboard (you can find the painting “The Tunnel” on my website: php heading Tables).
A wall decor meets the table always in the same reasons. Finally, a black and white striped suspension completes the decor. The style of the room responds to a marked atmosphere without being charged.

Design bedroom

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