English gardens
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English gardens

English gardens No lawn mowed to the ground, no well-ordered garden, but truly an English garden with abundant vegetation, borrowed from the wild nature. Discover it and reinvent it to enjoy it this summer but also this winter!

Sweet, with winding paths, curves, a green lawn or even water here and there, the English garden is romantic and poetic and we like to walk there all year round. It is also a living space, full of life and colors. The green is predominant, with trees, shrubs and generous plants, where nature can remain in the wild without creating an impression of neglect. The garden lives all year. The borders and tiling blend well with the ambiances of the English garden and the foam can easily slip between the pavements. Roses are a must in an English garden, whether standing or climbing on pretty structures. On the decor side, do not forget to add a bench and some lighting for you to rest there during the day and in the evening. Some English garden ideas:

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