Excellent May 1st!
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Excellent May 1st!

Excellent May 1st! Holiday, today is May 1 st . ) Associé aux traditionnels défilés de syndicats, c’est aussi un jour de fête pour le muguet, petits brins de bonheur que l’on offre en ce jour. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/465981892664946377/ ) Associated with the traditional parades of unions, it is also a day of celebration for lily of the valley, small bits of happiness that are offered on this day . But what on May 1?

May 1, 1886: In the United States, workers’ unions get the 8-hour work day.

It is by following this model that this day is established in Europe and constitutes the “Labor Day”.

Excellent May 1st!

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It is in 1907 that lily of the valley appears, flower of Île de France, on May 1st .

Today, lily of the valley is offered to bring happiness.

Excellent May 1st!

) (source: Excellent May 1st!

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