Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint
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Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

                             The floor tile paint is the best, especially since repainting the floor tiles has become super easy with the quality of the paints on the market and this avoids the hassle of dismantling the old floor tile ! In addition, the color swatches for tiled floors offer an infinite choice of colors to renovate the living room, bedroom, but also bathroom, kitchen or garage tiles according to its decor style. After an essential preparation, The tile paint floor or resin is applied directly to the support.

Updated 07/08/2015, updated 09/03/2016


The floor tile paint for kitchen, bathroom and others


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Floor tile paint for all rooms in the house. Color chart 17 colors, Sol Painting V33


For repainting floor tiles in all rooms of the house, including floor tiles bathroom , kitchen or laundry, we have selected 4 brands of paint that will give you a perfect rendering, a flawless result over time and easy application. paint brands: Tollens , V33 , Résinence and Julien offer paints or special floor tiles to be applied directly with very good performance . Apart from the necessary material, the method of applying a tile paint to the floor is the same as for a wall tile.
Before applying the paint it is essential to clean the floor with a large amount of degreaser so that the paint benefits from all its adhesion. This preparatory step guarantees you the good performance and hardness of the paint over time and saves you from problems of chipping of the paint.

 The paint floor tiles range Renovation V33

Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

 New in the V33 Renovation range, a floor tile paint which is also suitable for marble, stoneware, porcelain, granite… interior floors that are neither oiled nor waxed. Before repainting tiling in good condition, it is advisable to apply the Floor Preparer V33, If you need to repaint a floor whose tiling shows signs of wear, start by stripping it, rinse and leave to dry. Color chart 8 colors coordinated with other special paints in the range.
The paint is applied in 2 crossed layers on the tiling, avoiding, it is important for the final rendering, the paint overload. It comes with an additive that should be mixed into the paint as soon as you are ready to paint the floor.
1 – Start by protecting the baseboards and all surfaces in contact with the tiles that are not part of the floor.
2 – Start painting the tiles around the edges of the floor using a flat brush.
3 – Continue with the roller, starting at the bottom of the room so as to finish by tiling at the threshold of the main door of the room. It is important to paint the tiles in areas of 2m2 maximum and to cross the layers of paint. 4 – Leave to dry for approximately 3 hours.
5- Apply the 2nd coat of paint in the same way.
6 – The paint reaches its maximum hardness after 15 days, avoid using your tiles during this time.

Painting Advice: If the joints of the tiles are hollowed out or if you notice that they are porous, start with them (with a brush) before painting the rest of the floor tiles as explained above.
If your baseboards are tiled, first of all it is advisable to repaint them as well. You can do this with this floor tile paint which is guaranteed to prevent sagging on vertical surfaces.

 Actually, note: V33 has recently been offering another floor tile paint with 100% adhesion guaranteed. Its specificity lies in the addition of an additive in the form of a pod which it is imperative to mix directly in the paint bucket before starting to paint and after the tiles have been washed and degreased with the V33 floor shampoo. The more additive paint mixture is used within 8 days so that the quality of its adhesion to the tiles is not impaired. Easy to apply paint direct without undercoat.

Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

100% Tile Floor Paint V33
10 shades available in Satin / Metallic appearance, Drying between layers: 6HFull drying: 24H, 1L / 10m², Price: 39.90 € the 750ML jar exists in 2L.


Floor tile paint in direct application of Resinence


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Floor paint Résinence Color Satiné, pearl gray color. Floor finishing resin Shiny aspect


Floor paint Résinence Color® is an epoxy resin that can be applied without an undercoat.


Before applying the paint on floor tiles, clean the tiles with methylated spirits, brushing the joints of the tiles with a wire brush. Never use floor shampoo, detergents or white spirit to degrease the tiles, which even if they remove existing grease, deposit a greasy layer which will damage over time the adhesion of the paint.


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Color chart of the floor paint Résinence décor®. 27 colors. Price for the 1 liter paint pot: 81.80 €


Then apply Résinence Color® with a roller. After the recommended drying time (24 hours) imperatively apply the resin for finishing Résinence Déco® with a special foam roller for soil or with a spray gun. Price € 99 per liter for 3 M2.


Tollens high adhesion floor paint


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Tollens floor tile paint compatible with porous tiled floors (terracotta type) 13 conditioned colors plus tinting machine


Special Interior Floor of Tollens is a paint suitable for all types of interior floors prepared: Tiles, wood, cement … and can be applied in all rooms of the house, including rooms humid like the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen floor. To repaint floor tiles, it is imperative, for a perfect hold of the paint, that the tiles be porous as are for example cement tiles. This painting is acrylic in satin finish. Price: 82.50 € for 2.5 liters. Yield: About 10 m2 / liter. Once the tiles are dusted, degreased and perfectly dry, 2 coats of paint, the 1st diluted, the second undiluted, ensures an exceptional shine of the tiles.


Before repainting floor tiles, how to check its porosity?


To verify that your tiles can receive the interior floor tile paint from Tollens, pour a drop of water on one of the tiles and make sure that the water is absorbed quickly and completely.


Before applying a floor tile paint to porous tiles , degrease the tiles for perfect adhesion by washing and rinsing the floor. Let it dry well. Check that no wax residue remains, otherwise remove them with a scourer.


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

13 colors paint plus one white to paint a tiled, concrete or cement floor with Tollens. What coordinate the color of the floor with those of the decoration of the room.


Color chart for tiled floor and cement type floor, concrete, etc … Tollens for all interior parts. Extreme resistance to stains, (kitchen) friction and scratches (stairs, entrance, children’s room) and washable. 13 pre-conditioned colors plus one white: 5 shades of gray: Pebble, steel, silver, and anthracite gray. Slate, Arabica (chocolate), Felt (Parma) Juniper (purple), Cherry Red, Schist (beige), Wild Rice (off-white), Iceland Blue and Celadon (green).


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

The kitchen floor repainted in Cherry Red, plus 2 steel gray stools bring a facelift to rustic cuisine for a low price! Price: 82 € to paint 10 m2 of floor with Tollens paint


A Red Griotte paint, a good color idea for repainting floor tiles in the kitchen to energize and modernize the decoration of the room with white walls with rustic kitchen furniture.


Julien’s floor tile painting


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint
Julien floor tile paint can also be used in sheltered indoor and outdoor areas and resists the passage of hot tires, so you can apply it in all rooms of the house, the garage, a sheltered balcony, a loggia. Like the previous paint, it is applied on porous tiles. Satin finish. Yield: 8 to 9 m2 / L. Price: 51.50 € for 2.5 L Julien painting


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Color chart of Julien ground. 8 colors: Pearl gray, steel gray, off-white, terracotta, red tere, forest green, Sahara and White


Ideco floor tile paint from V33


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Ideco V33 floor paint for porous and smooth tiles


Before applying the paint on porous tiles proceed as for the other paints.
On smooth tiles, after leaching it is imperative to roughen the surface of the tiles with a sander or using the Cement-Concrete Active Shampoo V33 chemical treatment. Dust well. Then apply two coats without dilution with a lacquer roller for smooth tiles. On porous tiles, dilute the 1st layer with 5% water to optimize bonding. Second coat without dilution. Painting finish: Satin. Yield: 14 m2 for 1 liter. Ideco V33 floor paint, price: € 42.20 per liter.


Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

Color chart 17 shades: White, rope, white patina, driftwood, foam gray, loft gray, lava stone, terracotta, red earth, bark, basalt, nasturtium, mistral blue, metallic gray, lola pink, frog green, licorice


Also read to find ideas for repainting floor tiles in an original way, for example to paint a checkerboard with 2 or more colors: Painting floor tiles in the bathroom [19459003 ]



Painting floor tiles: The necessary equipment


For an excellent stretch and rendering of your floor painting on tiles do not neglect the quality of the brushes and rollers! For a few euros more, invest in specific brushes and rollers for floors. Example: Price of a special floor roll: € 20 at Castorama.


To easily repaint the tiles with a floor paint, a short video:



Floor tile paint: Choose the right floor paint

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