Fresh news: a book in preparation!
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Fresh news: a book in preparation!

A few months ago, I told you of my intention to develop a new communication activity in the world of decoration, architecture, design and art.

Through my blog ( ), I work this project by writing daily articles that include topics on:

  • interior decoration: deco tips, selections, decorative ideas with the idea of ​​Saturday and Sunday, DIY, …
  • Architecture: architects, discoveries, unusual, …
  • Design: objects, furniture, favorites, …
  • Art: works of art, portraits, …
  • Decoration related to events, ….

Highlighted on the website of Marie Claire Maison ( ) for several months, which I warmly thank the entire team, my blog shares with Internet users the world of decoration, where I have more and more fun to exchange.

Fresh news: a book in preparation!

I also communicate daily on social networks where the exchanges are more and more numerous and more and more faithful on:

I hope to concretize this experience in a professional setting.

I am preparing a book on the baroque style, a must for interior decoration.

The sketch is the indispensable tool of the decorator, the baroque style will be presented through two characters, illustrated by many sketches ranging from classical Baroque to rock baroque.

The next step will be to find a publisher.

In preview, a video presentation of the book in preparation “Croqu ‘Baroque, sketch ambiances atour baroque style”.

See you soon for the release date!

Fresh news: a book in preparation!

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