How to associate the color gray in decoration?
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How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Gray is an increasingly common color in interior decoration. Through painting, the color gray is invited into the decor of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and it works wonders in the dining room and baby’s room. From anthracite gray to pearl or pebble gray, gray is available in multiple shades to create different atmospheres according to the colors with which it is harmonized. In total look or in touches discover how to use shades of gray paint in your home decor.
Updated on 01/17/2016

Which paint color to associate with the gray color

How to associate the color gray in decoration? [19459012 ]

Gray paint color chart. 28 colors for all the rooms in the house

In interior decoration , the gray color , like white and beige, is a color basic and neutral. We are therefore not looking for complementary colors to build a harmony of colors in decoration with it. Depending on the pigments that compose it, gray takes on shades of blue, pink, yellow and takes variants of warm gray or cool gray. From light and bright gray like pebble gray or pearl gray, to slate gray or anthracite gray , which are inspired by materials, gray changes in value according to paint color and associated decorative elements. The gray color is a real chameleon that changes character depending on the colors with which it is married. Associated with a taupe or a beige, it becomes soft, noble when it is married to a deep blue.

In which rooms to use gray?

Gray being a neutral color, it can be worked in association in all rooms of the house. A gray bathroom is also very chic. It can be a happy alternative to black for young followers of “ black is black in my room “. Often preferred for a quiet atmosphere in living room painting and zen and cocooning in bedroom painting , gray also has the advantage of s ‘integrate into all styles of decoration in the home, pop, romantic Painting pearl gray , design or industrial ( anthracite gray ), and also highlights style furniture (mouse gray).

How to associate gray in interior decoration?

First of all, decorating a room dressed in gray must be prohibited, at the risk of creating a decor “ I am depressed and I don’t know why ” all the more so the room will certainly lack light! With gray in a room, it is best to paint the ceiling with white paint and combine one, two, three colors, and no more. Associated colors can be found on walls through paint or wallpaper, in furniture, cushions or curtains or decorative accessories. You should not use gray equally with other colors, especially if it is dark.

  • Associate a gray with pink to create a romantic decoration,
  • Associate a gray with green for a decoration of natural style,
  • Associate a gray with red for an urban style decoration,
  • Combine gray with yellow for a very pop decor atmosphere.

Trend color associations with gray:

Gray and red, gray and yellow, gray and plum or pink. Gray and blue are also starting to take hold in interior design.

The gray color associated with yellow in interior decoration

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Living room gray and yellow color, the decorative trend © Visual Astral painting [ 19459006]

The color yellow is a very bright color and also the color that has risen in interior decoration trends for some time. But rest assured, not the bland yellow that dressed our classrooms or our dining rooms! No, it is now the yellows that have pep, like the lemon yellow or the mimosa yellow, which bring light and dynamic to a room! So to give pep to the decoration of a gray living room , do not hesitate to add a few touches of shades of yellow as in this photo with a strip of paint, furniture and undoubtedly blond or golden oak parquet.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Painting gray mouse kitchen walls. lacquered yellow finish furniture, black granite worktop. Beautiful colors for a designer kitchen.

A gray kitchen and yellow, a decorative idea trend to create a dynamic in this friendly space. A gray paint combined with a very bright yellow and shiny materials such as stainless steel, glass … a decorative idea for the kitchen to remember!

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Gray mouse room paint and graphic game with orange paint band. © Peinture Dulux Valentine

Orange and gray in a living room bathed in light combine beautifully. Here, the orange is worked with a very graphic composition. To reproduce this line composition, use adhesive paint strips and a level to draw straight lines of paint. As always in decoration, a reminder of color is provided by the gray and orange cushions.

Gray and orange dining room, appetizing colors

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Dining room open to living room in a beautiful harmony of gray and orange paint © Dulux Valentine Painting

Another harmony of gray and orange paint color. Here the walls of the dining room are painted with a magnificent orange paint which harmonize and highlight the style furniture revamped with a paint in a warm gray to create a decor that is both sober and precious in this dining room .

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

For the decoration of the living room, gray loves plum!

Feminine colors too can perfectly harmonize with gray, particularly the plum color which has been very present in interior decoration in recent years. We will choose a same color intensity for a beautiful harmony. For example a pearl gray with a powdery pink, an anthracite gray with a deep plum …

A gray powdery paint in the living room is subtle

How to associate the color gray in decoration? [19459012 ]

With a gray floor in the living room, dare the gray paint on the walls with a little off-white, it’s classy! Shaded gray paint Put in tint Editions Tollens at AM.PM.

If you are looking for what color for the living room walls with gray floors, here is a suggestion that you might like! A gray painting quite simply! But playing on the precious aspect of the finish. As here where the walls are covered with a matt powdery paint, which gives a velvety finish less raw than a simple mat. To give relief to the space, combine two close shades in the gray color chart, add light and neutral tones such as an off-white, ivory. Powder-coated matt paint in shade color, Price € 49 per 2.5L pot at AM.PM

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Exception to the rule in this living room where the walls, the floor and the ceilings are painted in 3 shades of gray color thanks to the picture windows which brings a great luminosity in the room.

In this modern architecture living room which receives outside light from morning to evening thanks to its huge picture windows, the three shades of gray paint used for the mural, the floor and the ceiling s ” integrate perfectly without darkening the space. The touches of red and green provided by the decoration accessories highlight the dominant of neutral shades.

Pearl gray paint for a bright living room

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Pearl gray in a living room in town © Mark Bolton

[ 19459001] If there is a shade of gray that lights up a room, it is pearl gray. It can be used on all the walls of the living room, combine with white for a chic and cocooning atmosphere or make a nod to anthracite gray for a loft style decor. In this living room opening onto a balcony, the dominant gray color ensures brightness and the impression of calm, an effect reinforced by the few blue accessories and delegates to the small garden furniture on the balcony to come alive with cheerful colors.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

In an old barn restored in the living room, a beautiful pearl gray color highlights the exposed stone wall.

Subtle marriage of pearl gray and white paint in this huge living room in an old barn. The few light wooden elements, the sky blue carpet invite themselves into this sweet atmosphere where relaxation is sure to be the order of the day.
How to associate the color gray in decoration? In a living room in a row in the dining room, several shades of gray on the walls and the floor for a sublime color unity with linen and white furniture. Main color is a pebble gray paint in the dining room and an anthracite gray to highlight the plinths and the beginning of the stairs.
How to associate the color gray in decoration? The intensity of slate gray on a living room wall incorporating the modern fireplace offset by the softness of pearl gray for the other walls and the warm appearance light oak used on the library floor and shelves.

Gray for the bedroom decor

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Gray and pink bedroom, a chic color scheme for the adult bedroom! Visuel Peinture Dulux Valentine

The combination of gray and pink works wonders between bedroom painting and decorative elements. Think of always associate colors of the same intensity.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Flashy pink loves anthracite gray even in the adult bedroom

Another decorative idea for this gray room where the intense shades of gray are associated with roses for a more feminine and romantic decor atmosphere

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Gray and pink in the kitchen, we dare without problem!

Even in a kitchen , you can dare to combine a gray color and a kitchen paint pink. This association of colors is happy and there is no reason why pink should transform gray kitchen into a dollhouse!

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Gray and red, a charming color combination in a bedroom

To create a loft decor, no doubt that the combination of gray walls with paint and waxed concrete combined with beautiful shades of red creates a warm atmosphere for this Moroccan riad-style room.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

The combination of a gray paint with a taupe color and white, We love it in the living room for a Zen atmosphere! © Peinture V33

The gray paint goes very well with neutral shades like the taupe color , beige, off-white… This marriage of contrasts brings a soft and chic decor atmosphere.
How to associate the color gray in decoration?
© Tollens
In a master bedroom , gray and white in total look undoubtedly creates a serene atmosphere conducive to the place. In this perspective, playing on the intensity of the nuances brings relief to the volume. As here, the pearl gray paint mixed with white for the ceiling and a wall section enhanced by strong shades of gray with the vases and the metal beams. Tollens Velvety Supreme Mat Painting

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Painting the dresser of a child’s room in gray, a good decorative idea that we dare without restraint! Farrow & Ball Painting Photo Credit: machambredenfant

Gray in children’s rooms also appeared to create a very trendy cocoon. Here, it is a piece of furniture that is painted, but do not hesitate to paint a wall with a mouse gray or a pearl gray and to accessorize with colored objects and fabrics.

Combine the color gray with blue in a bedroom

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

In a bedroom gray is combined with the whole range of blues. You can incorporate gray with the paint on the walls or play with bed linen, rugs and cushions to create a beautiful and soft harmony of gray and blue.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

Boy’s bedroom in a soft harmony of gray and blue

In the bedroom of a young boy ], a beautiful decoration with a harmony of colors on a base of gray and pastel blue with a few touches of a deeper blue.

How to associate the color gray in decoration?

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