How to associate the color purple in its decoration?
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How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

Parma, an elegant and calm color, is the promise of a refined and trendy decoration. Subtle, the purple color deploys its shades of paint shades on the walls. From the decor of the bedroom to the living room, including the kitchen, this color adapts to all decorative styles. Light and bright purple, the purple hue has the ability to enlarge a room. To reinforce the decorative advantages of the color purple, a combination with white, gray or linen to beige for a modern or more daring decoration with yellow or green. Find out what color to put with parma and how to match this color in your home decor .

Written on 24/03/2015 updated on 14/11/15

What color of paint to associate with the color parma?

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

Color chart of purple hues including purple to color its interior and bring it serenity. © Astral

For the decoration of the house, the purple color , integrated in the color chart purple paint , of which it is the clearest so-called cold colors. Paint color reputedly difficult to associate with other colors, this shade however has a multitude of color combinations. Associated with neutral tones such as linen, gray, white or beige, the purple color is then of the most beautiful effect and reflects in the room a soft and fresh atmosphere. But this feminine color is not limited to sobriety and also knows how to accommodate more daring marriages. A section of purple wall alongside yellow, green, orange or even blue decorative furniture and accessories gives space to the space for a dynamic and stimulating effect. Available in a multitude of shades unlike its cousin the eggplant color , the parma plays perfectly with its clear or even pastel tones in order to combine them with pink tones for an atmosphere bedroom decor or lounge, among other things, cool and relaxing. PARMA is therefore a color full of resources that is full of possibilities.

In which room does the purple color reveal itself?

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

Meeting of Parma and linen for a very cocooning atmosphere in the living room with a happy association of paint and wallpaper. Dulux Valentine

Cold, sober and delicate, the parma gives each room a feeling of peace and balance. Its subtlety allows it to invest in color in walls in almost all rooms of the house. The main thing is to harmonize the surrounding decor in order to avoid any dissonance and lack of taste. Feminine as much as masculine, the color purple is forbidden any piece provided that it is used sparingly.

  • In the bedroom , the purple paint forms around the bed a real cocoon where it is good to rest. Privacy bubble of the house, this room is particularly suitable for parma which will create a soft atmosphere conducive to relaxation. On the wall of the headboard or in the underbody, this color contributes to give relief to the room while enhancing the warm side which should inhabit the sleeping area. Likewise, Parma is a bedroom painting which adapts perfectly to a girl’s bedroom painting for a delicate atmosphere in which she can have sweet dreams!
  • What better way to calm down after a long day than a parlor in purple! On a single panel, in detail on a wall return or on the column of the fireplace, this shade is a good way to create a trendy space like a decompression airlock where it is fashionable to let go. With a capacity to ventilate space, Parma allows you to enlarge the room. An effect increased tenfold by the presence of a light gray or a more intense purple in order to feel even more comfortable in the living room.
  • In an office, parma stimulates creativity. This sophisticated color has the ability to awaken and even inspire sleepy minds when combined with light hues such as linen. Encouraging reflection, this marriage between cold shade and natural shade creates an environment conducive to work.
  • In the kitchen, parma allows you to get out of the usual look of stoves by modernizing them. Associated with strong colors like yellow or green, in small details, the kitchen painting in purple color offers an original and soft decoration. On the furniture, this shade is very tasteful since it creates in the kitchen a velvety atmosphere perfect for simmering good little dishes with tenderness.
  • In a bathroom , nothing like a purple color to revive the relaxation spirit of the bathroom. Combined with white sanitary equipment and stainless steel bath accessories, the modern effect is guaranteed for a fresh and invigorating bathroom.

How to associate the color purple in its interior?

Perfect color combinations with parma:

  • Parma and linen, beige and other neutral and natural colors for a very trendy zen and warm style.
  • Parma and gray, in all its nuances from string to mouse and up to anthracite gray , for a more modern and sophisticated aspect.
  • Parma and yellow, a complementary color to the parma which therefore goes perfectly with this shade if it is used in small touches
  • Parma and white for a refined, sober and very trendy contemporary style.

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

With the complicity of natural or golden wood, parma expresses its delicacy in the bathroom to create a Zen atmosphere. Color painting Ciel De Parme et Marbrises Kitchen & Bath Dulux Valentine

  • Wood, in all its forms: furniture, panel, paneling, which can be placed in all pieces with the color purple.

A purple color painting for the living room

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

A living room that harmoniously combines gray and taupe with a shade in parma, the perfect match near the fireside. © Dulux Valentine

In this living room, the wall in purple color goes perfectly with the natural tones that adorn the rest of the room. This combination of softness creates a true haven of peace in the living room which reveals a romantic and warm side very trendy. The designer fireplace that reveals the wooden furniture is enhanced by the contrast of the white frame and the purple wall to create a real atmosphere of relaxation. A clever way to warm up this bright and clear room where it is good to relax by the fire. Painting: Parma Cloud & Dulux Powder Mole.

A purple and purple Japanese-style bedroom

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

A bedroom that affirms its Japanese inspirations in purple and pale pink. © Dulux Valentine

This room succeeds in combining an assertive purple corner and a purple wall while assuming its very feminine side. The atmosphere that emanates from this room is enhanced by a few accessories that make it Japanese, such as the pendant lamp or the woody elements. Gray linens give modernity to this soft and relaxing room. Color paint: Fantaisie Parme Collection Color cream & purple purple Color cream Dulux Valentine.

A clear and subtle entry in purple color

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

An entry in delicate and almost aerial delicacy. © Dulux Valentine

Brightness and softness settle in this modern and subtle entry decoration . The clarity of the wall is very close to the softness of the second section of pale pink wall ventilates the entire space. The dark wooden steps of the staircase without banister give character and relief to this entrance, which has the delicate appearance of a tea room. A color association happy painting ready to modernize your interior. Painting: Bali Expression Collection, Bali Pastel & Bali parma Dulux Valentine.

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

Color chart Dulux Valentine, Parma and other shades of pink and purple, Bali Collection

This signed color chart Dulux Valentine highlights a collection of paintings called Bali. The latter comes in a range of shades from purple to pink that blend harmoniously into your interior. A rose and a parma or a Bali Pastel will be the most beautiful effect in the house.

A kitchen in parma and yellow accessories

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

Touches of yellow in a kitchen that adopts parma on a wall, a wedding between two complementary colors successful! © Dulux Valentine

When the kitchen adopts parma on one of its walls, it can also be energized! Touches of yellow brought by many accessories allow to give life to the general atmosphere of this room with a purple wall. This delicate and spiritual shade harmonizes wonderfully with yellow since it is its complementary color. Result: a daring combination of colors, perfect for sublimating an entire kitchen, we love it! Color paint: Fancy Parma and yellow Bouton d’Or in the Crème de Couleur Dulux Valentine collection.

How to associate the color purple in its decoration?

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