How to decorate your table for the holidays?
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How to decorate your table for the holidays?

How to decorate your table for the holidays?

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1- Define the theme
It is appropriate to choose the theme of your table decoration: nature, design, country, baroque, colorful, glossy, romantic, etc … the main thing is to create a certain harmony and not an accumulation of decorative accessories.

2- Choose the colors
Choose two main colors rather sliced, even opposite: a neutral color with a bright color, for example: white and red, green and red, gold and silver, white and black, beige and chocolate, blue and chocolate, etc …

3- Set the table
Remember to give a little iron on your tablecloth, or even iron it directly on the table to avoid wrinkles. For table dressing, place a table runner in the center and place your plates 2 cm away from the edge of the table, spacing them enough apart. The arrangement of the glasses is from the largest to the smallest with, in order, the water glass, the glass for the red wine and the glass for the white wine. As for the champagne flutes, they are placed a little behind the first two glasses.
For the cutlery, it is enough to arrange them starting from the farthest from the plate, by approaching progressively, in the order of the dishes. The teeth of the forks and the hollow of the spoons will touch the tablecloth while the teeth of the knives will be turned towards the plates.

4- Decorate the table
Once the dishes are installed, you can make a centerpiece. Whether with flowers, Christmas balls, or any other decoration you have found, the centerpiece is important to perfect the decor and set the tone.
You can install colorful sub-plates according to the theme you have chosen, which will highlight your dishes.
Then add some candles without overloading the table. They will bring a warm atmosphere to your table.

5- The final touch
Fill the water glasses and think of having a piece of bread at the top left of each plate. Finally, think of the towels that will finish to perfect your decor. You can fold them in many ways to embellish your table. This always pleases the guests.

How to decorate your table for the holidays?

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