Kitchen: the best bar ideas
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Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Both user-friendly and sometimes making it possible to define a space in an open kitchen, the kitchen bar is very trendy. Many solutions offer the possibility of creating a nice aperitif corner. So take out the glasses and everyone at the kitchen bar!

A central island bar

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Central island bar –

A key element in open kitchens, the bar sits in central island. Indeed, having become an integral part of the kitchen elements, it is displayed in large format. With several stools installed around it, it becomes a convivial space. As a result, we meet there as a family to eat, do homework or chat. In the same way, it allows you to receive friends over a drink.

As a central island, this bar becomes an integral part of the kitchen. Thus, it even becomes an essential element in a kitchen. We will choose it in wood in a rustic kitchen, pure white in a Scandinavian kitchen. To choose also, the coating of the table which will give all its charm.

An American style bar

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

American bar style island –

You like the atmosphere American bars? In this case, why not adopt this style at home? Indeed, it is very easy to create a real bar atmosphere.

A large wooden piece of furniture that can also be used as a storage unit. A counter with a stainless steel surface, high stools and voila, voila! For the best of the best, it is important not to forget the “roof”. In fact, you will hang your glasses on this board above the counter.

Of course, to perfect the decor, it will be necessary to hunt down a distributor of cocoa beans or towels. In any case, one thing is certain, you will have people at the aperitif.

A style of bar that will suit both a rustic and modern home. In fact, everything will depend on the style of wood you adopt.

A bar in extension of a work plan

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Bar in extension of a work plan

Do you want to a nice place to snack on the go? Want to share a drink with your guests while waiting for the meal? The bar as an extension of your work plan will be perfect. Indeed, with a folding or not folding shelf, it offers a convivial space.

Do you want to opt for the fixed model? In this case, choose high stools to leave indoors. So it’s only natural that your guests will come and sit with you. On the other hand, if you choose a folding table, it is better to store the stools on the front.

A dining area in a small kitchen

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Dining area on the central island –

In the little ones spaces, the bar can also serve as a dining area. Indeed, as a single person, for a young couple, it also serves as a dining table. It fits perfectly into the design of an open kitchen. Thus, arranged along the wall, it is an obvious space saving. A very practical structure for studios or very small apartments.

Thus, breakfasts, meals on the shoot or small drinks with friends will find their place. In the same way, it is a table that can also be used as an office.

A bar for space separation

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

An island for separation –

Do you want to make a open kitchen and looking for the right idea for a separation? In this case, the bar is the ideal solution. Created all along, it offers a very practical small wall. Thus, guests can sit there over a drink.

On the other hand, it is also a place of sharing that will allow sharing with family members while preparing the meal. The marble, wood or stone tops will bring an aesthetic side to this small bar.

A bar in an L-shaped kitchen

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Do you have an L-shaped kitchen and don’t know how to exploit this return? In this case, why not make it your bar corner?

Indeed, the return in L of a fitted kitchen, will allow you to clear a small space. On one side a work plan with storage and on the other a bar. Depending on the size of the shelf, it will be enough to put 2 or more stools.

A small space that will quickly turn into a place of sharing. With the stools available, friends or family members will quickly get into the habit of sitting down. It is also a space where you can have lunch or eat on the go.

An industrial bar

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

Industrial style bar island

Do you want to create a sensation and a special universe? So, play the card of modernity and the industrial side. To do this, choose wood, but also metal elements and floor lamps suspended above.

Do not hesitate to mix materials and decorative elements. For example, combine metal with wood, look for the patina effect. Furthermore, this industrial effect bar could very well serve as a delimitation with the rest of your interior. An industrial corner with a brick wall, old objects and a factory floor lamp, and a whole different world. The industrial bar will be perfect for example in a loft apartment.

For the bar stools, it will also be essential to choose them in a retro and industrial style. As a result, we forget the leather and modern seats. However, we will favor the metal seat. Rude, but totally in tone and in keeping with the industrial look.

Kitchen: the best bar ideas

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