La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!
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La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

Synonymous with comfort and elegance, armchairs are the essentials of our interior! And to give a new relief to the decor of the living room or bedroom. Vintage, toad or design, La Redoute armchairs do not hesitate to present an infinite number of styles in order to delight all desires. side color, flashy or gray, linen or cotton, let yourself be tempted by these trendy and cheap armchairs offered by La Redoute!

Written by Anaïs Galligani on 03/30/2015

Providing aesthetics and absolute comfort in the living room, the armchairs signed La Redoute really have everything to please! From vintage style to modern design, from retro flashy yellow to trendy anthracite gray or from linen cover to cotton, there is something for all tastes and desires with La Redoute armchairs which are presented as essentials of this spring. An idea of ​​simple and inexpensive layout to furnish your interior and make the decoration of the living room a resolutely comfortable cocoon space in the era of time!

Spring freshness with the Joan armchair from La Redoute

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

Softness, modernity and freshness in the house with the gray Joan armchair © La Redoute [ 19459003]

A natural and soft gray color, rounded lines, fine legs, the Joan armchair is probably the best decoration friend of the house this spring! In a living room with soothing colors such as powder pink or even white, this armchair makes it possible to assert the refined character of the atmosphere while modernizing the space with its sober design and its modern color. Associated with a set of gray or black accessories such as a carpet or a small accent piece of furniture, this armchair allows to give relief to the room as well as to establish a pure decoration and a very pleasant cocooning spirit! La Redoute – Joan armchair – Dim: 359.50 euros.

A fresh and trendy apple green so fifties armchair by AMPM

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

The 1950s made their comeback with the invigorating apple green William armchair and breathing spring. © LaRedoute

At the heart of the current decor trend, the 1950s are back in the decoration scene with this magnificent William armchair stamped AMPM! The “so fifties” design of this seat elegantly highlights the bold apple green color of the upholstery. A color that allows you to invigorate and give pep’s to a modern or classic room while breathing all the surrounding decor. A breath of decorative freshness blowing on the living room to bring it in tune with the green spring! La Redoute AM.PM– William armchair – 489 euros.

Scandinavian spirit La Redoute with the Jimi armchair

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

Pastel blue in color, this Jimi armchair with wooden legs is perfect for rooms with refined atmospheres. © La Redoute

Ideal for a Scandinavian style decor in a room, this Jimi armchair with polyester and light blue mottled cotton coating is undoubtedly the ultimate cocooning contribution. Combining perfectly with a room that adopts the sleek white, black and wood style, this armchair provides the touch of comfort necessary for the layout of a living room or bedroom. The light wooden legs play the double material effect side while the simple and geometric design of the armchair brings a touch of modernity to the room. An elegant and inexpensive armchair to revamp your interior, what more could you ask for! La Redoute – Jimi armchair – 194.62 €

Modern originality with the design of this armchair signed

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

An original and full of audacity with the Sanami armchair from the brand AM.PM. © LaRedoute

The retro spirit lives in this living room with this original armchair from the AMPM brand named Sanami. The reclining seat is a revisit of the club shape which draws graceful and welcoming curves to this armchair. A design that highlights and reveals the aesthetics of the duo of materials that make up this seat, namely the armrests and legs in walnut-stained oak as well as the mocha-colored coating. Particularly suitable for modern interiors, this armchair fits into the era of time while revisiting timelessness. We love the audacity of this design! La Redoute AMPPM – Sanami armchair – 379 euros.

Vintage and colorful freshness with the Watford armchair by La Redoute

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

Color invades the interior with the Watford vintage spirit armchair. Something to bring the sun into the living room! © LaRedoute

Rooted in modernity, this Watford armchair by La Redoute does not forget its resolutely 1950s appearance! A vintage style which, once adorned with a lively color, can make the living room vibrate. Here the mustard yellow color of this armchair spices up the decor of the room while bringing the vintage side very fashionable at the moment. Its rounded shapes and steel legs in black epoxy finish add a design effect to this piece of furniture which will be perfect for lovers of old school decor! La Redoute – Watford armchair – 332.25 euros.

Delicacy and purity with this AMPM armchair by E. Gallina

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

An armchair with a classic and sober look, a creation by Emmanuel Gallina, exclusively for AM.PM. © LaRedoute

A round, pure and chic design, the Cody armchair by ampm brand accumulates the good points. Created for La Redoute specially by designer Emmanuel Gallina, this armchair fits perfectly into an airy and light decor. Moreover, it emanates from its light jade green linen covering a softness which embellishes the voluptuous forms of this chic and trendy armchair. Quite small, this armchair revisits the club form in a very contemporary and modern way. Enough to put your living room on the cover of this spring’s trends! La Redoute – Cody armchair – 399 euros.

A chic and glam spirit with the La Redoute toad armchairs

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

This Adélia toad armchair turns out to be extremely chic with its padded upholstery and its feet molded wood! © LaRedoute

The Adélia toad armchairs by La Redoute perfect for creating a princely atmosphere! Upholstered and without armrests, these small armchairs bring an unparalleled glamor and chic style to the room. The molded feet of these Adélia armchairs give the room a luxurious boudoir style. Their ergonomic small seats allow them to fit into any room in the house, particularly in small living rooms or cramped bedrooms. An asset charm and comfort within the reach of all wallets so why deprive yourself! La Redoute – Adélia toad armchair – 207.50 euros.

Aesthetic sobriety with Franck armchairs

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

50’s spirit assumed with these elegant black armchairs in contrasting piping finish and pure linen upholstery. © LaRedoute

Nobility and elegance, these small armchairs without armrest bring a decorative atmosphere that is both vintage and modern to the room. The 100% pure linen covering gives the armchair a classy, ​​chic and trendy look. The tapered legs in solid mango wood tinted black and varnished Franck armchairs brings lightness and design to this small furniture. In a duo of black and linen color, these small armchairs prove to be perfect allies for the layout of a narrow entrance or even a small living room without nibbling the space. La Redoute – AMPM – Franck armchair – 389 euros.

A game of retro design material with this La Redoute armchair

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

A marriage of trendy retro materials with this old school armchair. © La Redoute

In one of all the trends of the moment, vintage style is the star of all interiors! This Watford II armchair by La Redoute is a real concentrate of retro style as evidenced by its structure in solid walnut stained rubberwood and its seat in anthracite gray fabric. A marriage of very contrasting materials which makes this piece of furniture unique and modern although it comes from a resolutely old school design. In a living room that adopts a fifties style, this armchair proves to be a real pleasure and comfort every day! La Redoute – Watford II armchair – 223 euros.

Bet on a timeless decor with the Nottingham armchair

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

Timeless and timeless, this Nottingham armchair has never lost its superb and comfort over the years. © LaRedoute

Absolutely timeless, this armchair which answers to the sweet name of Nottingham is a timeless decoration! Over the years, its simple and classic design has always delighted the house as much and created in each room where it is placed, notably the living room, a friendly and comfortable spirit. Its deep and wide seat allows you to settle in comfortably while letting the cotton cover ensure a cocoon of unparalleled softness. Like what to bet on classics is a sure bet in decoration! La Redoute – Nottingham armchair – 279.75 euros.

It smells like summer with this rattan armchair from La Redoute

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

The height of the decoration trend for this spring summer season, the armchair in rattan design! © LaRedoute

He is no longer hiding and has nothing more to prove, the rattan furniture is indeed making a comeback on the decoration scene! This exotic wood evocative of travel and distant islands also dresses the Redoute armchairs like this elegant round armchair perfect for landscaping the terrace at a lower cost. Braided in a sun shape that makes you want to bask outside, this armchair is perfect for making the outdoors exotic when the days get longer as summer approaches. La Redoute – Wheelchair – 459 euros.

La Redoute Armchairs is good for the home!

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