• Live above the trees
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    Live above the trees

    This home was designed to accommodate a family with two separate spaces: one for adults, the other for children, connected by a suspended walkway. The set has a playground and a course. The house has a nice conical thatched roof, and its walls are clad in hand-cut oak shingles and cedar planks. The interior is composed of a kitchen, a toilet and a large living room. The treehouse for children consists of three medieval towers connected to the cabin of adults. The interior of the children’s cabin has a secret hatch leading to a games room, equipped with a plasma TV and a game console. A zip line is also…

  • Knitting is the deco!
    Decoration ideas

    Knitting is the deco!

    Share Record +1 Knitting dresses us and protects us from the cold. Today, he also dresses our interiors in all kinds of ways. ) . It covers the furniture, creates it, turns into lamp, and comes in multiple patterns and colors (source photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/37999190577648374/ ) . Here is a selection of pretty knitted creations: ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/212232201159910221/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/66850375690665772/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/23292123044484788/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/425238389786070503/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/115052965450455640/ ) ) (source: http://pinterest.com/pin/559783428653429584/ )

  • Light decorations like a feather
    Decoration ideas

    Light decorations like a feather

    A little sweetness in the house by bringing feathers into the decor! ) Blanches, unies ou encore colorées, les plumes invitent à l’exotisme, au dépaysement, à l’originalité et à la douceur et à la légèreté. (source photo: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/471400285966112233/ ) White, plain or even colored, the feathers invite exoticism, change of scenery, originality and softness and lightness. For delicate, light and sweet interiors, arrange some feathers here and there. In a vase, in table decor, headboard, ceiling or drawn on the walls, the feathers flutter gracefully in the interiors. Here are some soft and light ideas: ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/137782069820014321/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/268879040227271461/ ) ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/420594052672994617/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/458100593319231136/“> ) (source:…

  • Interiors of Valentine's Day
    Decoration ideas,  Party decoration,  Valentine's Day

    Interiors of Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is approaching. If the decoration of the table is important that day, why not decorate your home too? This can go through the decor of the living room or the living room, but also by the room. I propose some beautiful photographs of interiors inspired by Valentine’s Day: (Sources: http://www.jardin-et-maison.fr/decoration-salon/une-decoration-saint-valentin-tres-romantique.html, http://www.deco.fr/actualite-deco/255114 -saint-valentines-gifts.html, http://leyummyblog.blogspot.fr/ , http://design-maison.net/2011/04/how-to-decorate-a-small-seat-bathroom-for- Valentine’s Day /, http://passiondinterieurs.com, http://petitabricot.wordpress.com , http://www.idee-cadeau.com/2011/02/11/un-amour-de-deco -for-the-valentine-day / , http://deco.journaldesfemmes.com , http://www.shopmydear.fr/ , I -redecore-for-the-saint-valentin , 94331.asp , http: / /www.jourdelasaintvalentin.com/actualites/mondialisation-de-la-saint-valentin.html , http://blog.toprural.fr/selection-gite-chambre-hotes-saint-valentin-amoureux-romantique/ , http: //mode.vogue.fr/hotel-romantique-a-paris-pour-la-saint-valentin-hotel-le-petit-paris/, http://www.glamissime.net/deco/decoration-chambre-a -coucher-for-the-saint-valentin /, http://www.lucienbarriere.com/accueil.html , http: //fr.montecarlosbm.c om , http://www.sortiraparis.com/hotel-restaurant/hotel/guides/48215-saint-valentin-2013-the-guide-des-meilleurs-hotels-parisiens/page/2 , http: // www. ladepeche.fr/article/2012/02/02/1276038-love-in-carcassonne.html , http://actualite.lameuse.be/_verviers/hotel-verviers.html , http://coolinteriorideas.com/interior_design/ room-of-design-interior-for-a-stay-romantic-ideas-saint-valentine-romantic /, http://www.mansworld.fr/?p=4368#more-4368, http: // www. weekend-love.com/actualites-weekend-love.php,…

  • It's raining, take out your umbrellas!
    Decoration ideas

    It's raining, take out your umbrellas!

    In these gray and rainy weather, the umbrella is out. I wanted to show you the umbrella through beautiful artistic creations, where finally, this object so despised, can become object of inspired decoration and bring a few colors as well inside as outside. Who said opening an umbrella inside was bad luck? Today, this object originally supposed to protect us from the rain outside, invites itself outside as a decorative object, but also inside. It clings, hangs, turns into lamp and many other things. Here is a selection of beautiful images where the umbrella decorates the exteriors but also the interiors: ) Decor by Maria Yasko (source: http://homesickdesigns.com/kids-room-designs/artistic-theme-interior-decor-for-kids-entertainment-center-by-maria-yasko.html/attachment/tree-umbrella -in-artistic-summer-theme-kids-room-interior-decor-by-maria-yasko )…

  • It's Easter: the egg hunt is open!
    Easter,  Events

    It's Easter: the egg hunt is open!

    Eggs have always been associated with Easter. All cultures respect the tradition of decorating eggs. Symbols of the spring among the Indo-Europeans, sacred offerings in Egypt in China and in Europe, the eggs celebrate the resurrection of Christ among the Christians but also the spring. In Germany and Austria, small nests containing eggs, pastries and sweets are hidden, children believing that the Easter Bunny has laid eggs and brought sweets. The Easter Bunny is also a symbol of fertility. So today, we decorate eggs to hide them in the gardens, adding eggs and chocolate rabbits! Here are some nice decorations for Easter: , http://pinterest.com/rachaelcocke/tis-the-season/ , http://pinterest.com/josephs2/easter/ , http://pinterest.com/courtneycurran/pretty-seasons-holidays/ , http://pinterest.com/hcsz/holiday-ideas/…

  • It rolls for the decor!
    Decoration ideas

    It rolls for the decor!

    Wheels, tires, wheels and inner tubes, it rolls for the decoration! Diverted from their usual use, the wheels and tires are transformed into pots for the garden, beanbag, table … and become real decorative objects for the house. In the state, repainted or customized, everything that rolls invites itself into our interiors. To sit, to ask, to tell the time or even to wash, tires and wheels are found in our homes. Painted, they turn into pots for the garden, covered with rope or fabric, they turn into ottoman. Bicycle wheels serve as casters for a coffee table and others give the time. A little imagination and voila! Here is…

  • In pink and black
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    In pink and black

    Share Record +1 Black for a chic touch and pink for a feminine touch. ) . The combination of its two colors create atmospheres with strong contrasts while structuring the space with black, basic color essential in decoration, and bringing the bright color with the rose (source photo: http: // www. pinterest.com/pin/20547742025351665/ ) . Interesting duet and deco effect guaranteed! Here are some decorations in pink and black to inspire you: ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025452806/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025441086/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025360553/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025319296/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025121520/“> ) (source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/20547742025110797/“> ) (source:

  • Inspirations: beautiful Christmas tables
    Christmas,  Party decoration

    Inspirations: beautiful Christmas tables

    For Christmas, we decorate the tree, we hang some decorations, or even light garlands. But the table is the place that should not be neglected. This is the space where all the guests will spend a good part of the evening. So, for all those who are looking for ideas to make a beautiful table decoration, I have selected some beautiful Christmas tables to inspire you. Get inspired! “So Precious” atmosphere of Alinéa Atmosphere “Nature enchanted” by Geneviève Lethu “Eugenie” atmosphere of Luminarc Silver atmosphere of Casa Ambiance of Flamingo Red and white atmosphere of Ikea Atmosphere “Elodie” Athezza Atmosphere “Rosaces” by Luminarc Constellation atmosphere of the French Jacquard Turquoise…