Plum lounge
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Plum lounge

Plum lounge Plum and baroque atmosphere for this show where the tones of black and purple rub shoulders.

The floor and the walls

The floor is covered with black varnished floating floors and the walls have been painted gray. The ceiling, cornices and baseboards were painted white to emphasize the whole.

Furniture and accessories

The furniture consists of two plum padded velvet sofas, a mauve colored glass coffee table, a large plum carpet and satin curtains in the same colors.
Purple frames were installed on the wall containing the window, empty to reveal the wall behind. A large black mirror, surrounded by plum floral stickers was installed above the sofa.
Finally, a baroque chandelier illuminates the center of the room and a floor lamp always in the same colors is the mood lighting.

Plum lounge

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