Purple and silver room
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Purple and silver room

Purple and silver room Purple and silver for this chic and feminine room.

The floor and the walls

The floor is covered with resin colored in gray. The walls are dressed in silver wallpaper, with a different wallpaper for the wall containing the bed. The ceiling was painted in purple and recessed spotlights were installed. The windows are equipped with silver satin curtains and purple boat blinds.

Furniture and accessories

The bed is silver gray, padded and dressed in purple bed linen. Two baroque bedside tables were painted in silver gray on which two lamps with violet shades were placed.

Two large purple decorative balls go down the wall. A large purple carpet dresses the floor and a purple velvet chair complete the decor.

Finally, a metal chandelier was placed in the center of the room for general lighting.

It is a room with very marked decor, rich and feminine.

Purple and silver room

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