Repaint the tiling of the splashback of his kitchen
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Repaint the tiling of the splashback of his kitchen


In the kitchen you can do it, one day or the other, the splashback in tiles will go out of fashion. We just repainted the walls and now the color of the credenza tiles no longer matches. But nothing catastrophic, a good paint job and the kitchen decor will be at the top. Yes, with a special paint it is possible! We give you the trick to freshen up your credenza with a tile paint …
Updated on 02/04/2016


Easily repaint the tiles with a credenza


You are going to redo your kitchen and the splashback in tiling, which you would like to avoid changing to limit expenses is a task with its dated appearance alongside nickel walls and furniture. To harmonize your credenza with your kitchen decor , the repainting is the most practical and economical solution. The tiling paint is adapted to resist the heat produced by the oven or the stove and is highly washable applied on a kitchen splashback .
On a technical level, applying a paint to the tiles of a credenza is done directly on the wall support, that is to say that we are not talking about a preliminary undercoat, Note however, and this is important, that this is made possible provided you use a special tile paint.


How to paint a splashback in tiling?


Repaint the tiling of the splashback of his kitchen

2 coats of paint on the old credenza tiling and the kitchen is nickel! Photo Julien


Step by step, here is how to apply a paint directly to the kitchen splashback:


  • Start by removing all traces of grease, mold by insisting on the tile joints using black soap or a strong household product. Rinse and let dry.
  •  Sand lightly so as to form tiny scratches on the credenza tiling and dust off carefully.

  • Using paint adhesive protect areas outside of the paint area.

  • Apply a first coat of paint, starting with a paintbrush to cover the joints, then continue on the tiles using a special acrylic paint roller.

  • After 24 hours, repeat the operation in the same way as for the first layer. Remember to remove the masking strips before the paint has completely dried to prevent the paint film from coming off with the tape if you do so after the complete drying.

  • Last point: Be careful for three days to prevent the credenza tiles from coming into contact with water, do not try to clean your credenza during this time.

What paint for splashback tiles?


Several brands offer a paint adapted to the credenza tiling in direct application: Julien Carrelage Painting, Rénov’Cuisine at Syntilor, GripActiv ‘and Rénovation Faïence for V33, You can discover them in detail as well as their color charts in our file special Painting for tiles .
Good to know: Dressing up a kitchen splashback with waxed concrete or resin paint does not present any more difficulties and gives excellent results.


Repaint the tiling of the splashback of his kitchen

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